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Hi can anyone give me a brief list of what foods I can't eat. Also is it ok to drink Soy milk whilst pregnant (I am taking a supplement with calcium)

There are certain foods that are considered to be of high risk of Listeria contamination. The foods to avoid in pregnancy include:

Soft white cheeses eg. Ricotta, brie, camembert, blue vein and fetta


Unpasturised dairy products

Cold meats (ham, salami, etc from the deli or prepackaged)

Dried/fermented sausages

Raw seafoods eg. Oysters, sashimi

Smoked seafood (canned is okay)

Pre packed and prepared salads

Soft serve ice-cream

I think Soy milk is fine but you'll need to check with your Dr about any supplements you are taking. You can google this and find out lots more info but this is a brief list.

I'm craving ham big time unfortunately!
I agree with the above list. I am also missing aham but I love pate as well and I'm really missing that. You can have pate though that is made from fruit or vegies that don't contain liver.

That list pretty much sums it up... Although I have been naughty from the start and I feel guilty but i have been eating deli meats from the beginning and smoked turkey.. not supposed to eat that either but i just love it... I do avoid all raw seafood and soft cheese and i love Camembart cheese hhmmmm yum!!

mayonnaise is another to avoid as it has raw eggs in it.. You have to make sure your eggs are very well cooked to eat them. So anything with raw egg in it like Mayonnaise is a no no too.

Not sure if alot of you know this but there is also a preservative in Diet Cordial that can be harmful. It has been banned from the UK and USA but it is still in some of our diet cordials and diet soft drinks. Hard when your a diabetic...

Not quite sure of the name of it but i will check and get back to you.

things like pre-made coleslaws and pasta salads you buy from the deli too,
I've heard that deli meats like ham are ok as long as theyre cooked before you eat them...and you eat them hot.?
hi all

just wondering if cheese spread is safe to eat? i wasn't sure, like the packs with the crackers and the cheese spread like le snacs, is that fine? grin (cuz i love those)!!!!

Posted by: LilSarah
hi all

just wondering if cheese spread is safe to eat? i wasn't sure, like the packs with the crackers and the cheese spread like le snacs, is that fine? grin (cuz i love those)!!!!


Yes- Le Snacks , cream cheese spread etc are fine to eat while pregnant- so enjoy!!!
Hi, I have also read not to eat peanuts while pregnant (bummer that I already had been). Something about exposing baby to them now could lead to allergies later. I asked my doctor, and she said yes, its best to avoid them
RE:Soy milk - I can't handle too much milk, ice cream and yoghurt and definately can't eat cheese, so when I was pregnant I searched out info about Soy milk too. I drank HEEPS of it!! I drank Vitasoy brand as they make theres a safe way. Not in aluminium vats. But the soy itself is fine and infact it provided me with more calcium than normal cows milk!?! go figure huh. e.g. 300mg per glass = soy milk. Just make sure you are getting 1200mg of calcium a day as you probably already know. I am also pregnant (again) and I take a good calcium tab (300mg per tablet) (beware of crap stuff) if I havent had enuf during the day with soy milk/yoghurt, which is most often the case. With my first pregnancy I consumed alot of chocolate flavoured soy milk - and was worried that the cocoa part would be a bad thing! and I was actually quite behind with my calcium levels for some time during my pregnancy because of not coming across the information. But my little baby is just perfect. Just double check everything with your midwife anyway for peace of mind when you see her next.


Just emailed Vitasoy as I am cow milk intolerant and have soy milk on my cereal. I asked them whether it was safe and their reply was that "testing is still under way" and that I should check with my GP with regards to consuming soy during pregnancy.

In my opinion this is as much as saying they don't know if it's safe. So I'll be switching away from soy if the company that makes it can't even give me a straight up confirmation that it's ok.

I know this topic is old but i wanted to add this to the bottom for those people like me looking for answers now!
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