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Thrush Lock Rss

I am 25 weeks pregnant (1st pregnancy after 2 miscarriages both @ 6 wks) and at about 16 weeks developed thrush, i've never had this before and find it quite irritating and sore, the doctor has given me cream which does help but then it comes back again and i've had a couple times now where i've had pin head bits of blood which they say is due to the area being so sore and raw but when it does come back toilet paper feels like sandpaper, i wondered if anyone had any suggestions on how to get rid of it or keep it so it's bearable. I guess i just panic abit cause of my 2 miscarriages and both my husband and I are looking forward to the birth of our baby (26/04/04) but everytime i notice or feel something different i worry abit, is this normal.
Hi Allybelly,
I never had thrush before either, that is until I fell pregnant. I have had 3 kids now, and suffered with thrush through all three. It is the only time I get it. Other than the cream, there is no way you can really stop it from coming, but if you can, try eating yoghurt with acidophilus (live cultures) in it. This helps to ease it a bit. I hate yoghurt, but use to eat a small container each day throughout my pregnancies, just to ease the thrush symptoms. It helped me, so it might be worth a try. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and the birth of you baby.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Allybelly

I get thrush even when I'm not pregnant, but thought I had it a few months ago at about 12 weeks. I did two lots of treatment with Canesten which normally fixes it up quick smart, but it wouldn't budge this time. I then went to the doctor and he found that I actually had a type of dermatitis brought on by the change in hormones. After using some cortison cream for a week it got alot better, but i still have to apply it occasionally....
Anyway, I'm not saying that this is what you have but you may like to get it checked out again just in case.
I have never had any little spots of bleeding when I have had thrush, but have certainly experienced alot more pain and small spots of bleeding with this dermatitis.
Hope this helps more than hinders ?!!
All the best

Carmel,Vic, 2 and counting...

I am due to go back to the midwife on Wednesday and she is going to take some swobs to double check, i have been eating the aphidophillius yoghurt which has been good but seems once a week i have to use a bit of cream, especially when it gets quite sore. I get dermatitis on my finger so not sure if maybe that could be what it is as it does sometimes feel a bit like that, well hopefully she'll find out what it is and well be able to treat it.

Thanks for all the advise as i am willing give anything a go in the hope that it gets it better, only have 12 weeks to go so am definitely looking forward and scared to the birth and i guess if it is thrush then once baby is out well be able to treat it properly.
try bathing in detol. i suffered from thrush with my first pregnancy and used to find this helped. it doesnt take it away completely though. i used to bath in it twice a day when i first felt the thrush coming on and many times it would either get rid of it or ease the symptoms considerably. making the thrush easy and quick to treat. generally thrush starts on the outside and works its way in so if you can get it while its still on the outside youll be much more successful at getting rid of it.
Good luck. if you do find anything that helps please post it as i am 5 1/2 weeks pregy with my second baby and expecting to suffer from it again.

Mum to Bethany (25-2-03) & Faith (8-11-04)

My midwife gave me a 6 night treatment of Canesten tablets and also cream which the cream you use for 2 weeks after the symptoms disappear and it has worked a treat. She also suggests cutting back on eating yeast products if you can and eat a lot of acidophillus yoghurt as this works from the inside, out but you can also put this yoghurt onto the affected area, the yoghurt is, a bit more expensive then normal stuff but it is yummy but doing all these things i have found have worked. I have 7 weeks to go and am looking forward to it all now. I am not sure though if you are allowed to use these tablets in your 1st trimester so it would pay to check if it happens around that time and i was told not to use the applicator that comes with it, for you just to stick these tablets in as far as you can. Hopefully you won't suffer from it this time but if you do you could check with your midwife and she what she suggests.
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