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Not putting on weight Lock Rss

Hi all,
Even as I'm writing this, I'm finding it hard to believe that this could ever have been a problem for me!
I used to be quite obese and had consequent back problems. Last year, I had the gastric band operation and lost a heap of weight. Surprise, surprise, I fell pregnant not long after. My specialist and obgyn don't want to loosen the band yet, and assure me the baby is growing and ok, even thought I don't seem to be putting on weight - however I'm not losing any either.
I'm just a bit anxious - does this happen to other people. Is it possible that I'm not growing but my baby is?
Speak to you soon.
How far along are you??

I usually lose weight or stay the same in the first few months then the weight comes on from about 5 months onwards.

To start with as your body adjusts, the baby is also taking just about everything you put in, hence the loss or lack of weight gain.
Don't worry, as long as your GP is happy. I am 34 weeks now and only look about 3 mnths pregnant. I have had continuos comments like "you're not very big are you", "are you sure it is in there" and in the end I spoke to my GP about it and she said I am just neat and tidy and "all baby". I have only put on about 6 kilo's in weight since being pregnant. My GP assured me that you don't have to be big or put on weight to be pregnant. A lot of friends have told me that they have actually lost weight whilst pregnant.
Enjoy your pregnancy as it is a wonderful experience but I too have had little bouts of anxiousness about things and have been told not to worry so much. Take Care

Sophie's Mummy

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