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Do you think. Lock Rss

Ok my best friend had a small party for me yesterday night. Their was no achole and lots of fun food and best of all no kids lol.

But they wanted to do somethings to me. So one of them was to get some string and my wedding ring and put it over my belly if it swings side to side its a girl well id did and they was like what girls names have you got.

I dont know i dont want to think its true but i want a girl if i find out its a boy i think i will get very upset like i did with connor and push him away.

what do you think?


TTC a baby girl

Hi Pamela

I think that other people close to you having 'preferences' on the sex of the child is not appropriate. It's not like buying chocolate or vanilla cake, just can't choose and others 'imposing' their wishes is just not on. Please don't be swayed by what others would like. Guess are just it - and the ring thingy - could be 50% right or wrong.

Also remember that no matter what sex this baby is, it's unique, no other child will be like yours. Are you going to find out the sex before hand - ultrasound. This might help you prepare for either sex and give you time to feel 'let down' before the birth.

Hope I've made some sense. Don't feel guilty about wanting a girl.

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