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Problems after giving birth Lock Rss

I gave birth to my son at Liverpool Hospital. I had a bad experience. It is now 6months and I'm still having problems in the down stairs department. I would love to hear from anyone that also has that problem, to share so I myself know.
I have tried looking online for stories similar to mine so I know what I can do. In fixing the problem or its normally to have these problems after having 2 kids
i have only had a caeser but what exactly is the problem.. i have heaps of girlfriends and sil who have all had natural births.. one has a son who is two and i think something happened where ..i dont remember exactly but i think she had an episiotomy and felt like it wasnt healing properly i dont know i wont go into too much detail as i am having a mind blank.. if u want to list in more detail i will find out if i can help

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

hi gem, i had problems having sex for at least 4 months after having our son, it hurt so much and i bleed for over 2 months, it was the worst thing to go through, my partner is very understanding.
nowmy son is 6months its better than ever.
i had an episiotomy, and several stiches after i had my son, so u can only imagine how painful it can be, it can be different with everyone.
hope this helps.
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