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What can I do? Dads HELP! Lock Rss

Hello, Im 31 wks and am being spoilt rotten by my partner. He is looking after me so well. Our relationship has never been better. However I want to return the favour to him. Its easy to please us women- roses, cards, backrubs, kind words, choccies all are great to please us but what can I do in return to make him feel just as important?

CherieJade, SA, Due 31st Dec 05

If it were my hubby, it would be easy. I'd just give him a day off to play 18 holes of golf. Even better, 36 (!!!) holes of golf. He would be ecstatic. Sorry, I probably haven't helped you much. grin

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

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