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I have four days before I go into hospital and give birth to my second child via caesar.My daughter is seven and this baby is to a different partner whom Im suppossed to marry in April next year.I have started to loose it.All of a sudden my mind is full of heaps of doubt about every thing.I am very nervous,suffering from anxiety and it is literally making me ill.I feel like my whole life is flashing right b4 my eyes.I had this plan that Iwould try to toally relax and be as ready as one can be but nothing is working,Im lucky to get 4hrs of sleep a night.Not to mention that Im having these bouts of uncontrolable crying.Can any one shed some light?

Kelly,WA ,30wks Pregnant

I don't think I can say much but let me just say one word that might explain it all


we all have them and for some reason they just play up alot when pregnant.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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