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give the nanna a ball of baby wool & knitting needles

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Linda,

Firstly, I love what Tracy's hubby did, good one.

As I have not had the one yet I can only think of 1 idea, instead of saying I'm pregnant again. try "Jessica's about to become a big sister" as I think it will come across as being a different view.

When we announced our news my hubby rang his parents and called his mum grandma, she thought we had bought another dog, as our dog is treated more like a human than as a dog. It was funny, just wish I could have seen her face! smile

Sydney, BJ born 28.01.05 CJ born 17.08.06

i just love how some people have told family.
I told my mum I was pregnant at our weekly catch up goss. She said was there anything else she should know before going back to work and I said nope, just that i'm 3 months pregnant. I hadn't planned on telling her then it just came out. Just so casual that it took her a while before she clicked on what i'd said. She couldn't believe that i'd kept it a secret for so long. And neither could I.
Because i'd slipped it to mum without hubby being there, we then had to go to his parents and tell them. His mum had to be at work in 1/2hr, so he walks in sits in front of the telly and said to his parents, are you ready to be grandparents? Coz if not you're gonna be anyway. His mum was so shocked, as it wasn't planned, and excited. She wondered why we hadn't been to many family dinners, as I had BAD allday sickness, it would've been hard to disguise.
Have fun telling the fabbo news!!!

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hi Lindab,

I don't have any suggestions on announcements, although I have a baby tipping comp going on. If it is your second or third, this just adds something a bit special to it all. It works like this.

Make a book up however big - mine is 20 A4 size paper cut into half. Each with a space for writing a guess

Friends name----------------------
Weight of Baby-------------
Arrival Date-------------------

It's $1 per guess and the winner takes all.

Channie, WA, Mother of 3 girls!

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