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baby no 2 5 months after the first Lock Rss

Hey ladies

i am so stressed i feel like if i pinch myself i will wake up!

today i found out that i am pregnant with my second child only 5 months after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl.

As i am only 23 and not married i am really stressed. i am on the pill and did not expect this at all.

my last pregnancy was planned so this has come as a hit to the head.

I am just wondering if anyone is in the same boat???? i am due in march 09 so my daughter will be 14 months old....

i am so scared and dont know how to cope.... does anyone else have the same thoughts.....

i dont want to abbort but i feel guilty doing this to my dd i dont want her to miss out on alone time with us before no 2

or is that me being selfish!!!! oh this is such a mess.... i havent told my ex yet because he will not cope.....

what should i do
Is your ex the father of this baby? Is that what the stress is about?? I had my first baby when I was 21 unplanned, my second baby was born 15mths later ...unplanned, 3rd baby 11mths later... unplanned and then we got married when I was 3mths pregnant with our 4th baby who also wasn't planned. I am 25 now and there is 2yrs and 3mths between my first and third babies and my third will be 21mths when the 4th is born.
My kids are all really close, they already play together because they are so close in age that they've caught up to each other. The way I look at it is I am getting my kids all over and done with early. I'll only be 41 when my youngest is 16 and hopefully reasonably independant so I can get on with my own life.
As far as your dd having alone time with you she won't remember anyway and to her it will be as though she always had a sibling. Also she will probably be really helpful with bub #2 getting blankets or toys or nappies for the baby which really does help.
Hope I've given you a different perspective. Good luck

boys, boys, boys

my kids were 21mths apart, and now preg with bub 3 with 24mths gap, with my first and second i found it hard at first cause i had no license and my partner worked 2hrs away public transport from home so it was long days till he got a car, and i didnt get much rest.

i think the closer they are the better, i think your youngest wont know any different and wont get jelous as much as what a 2yr old would. i would find it easy to have smaller gap beacuse when your heavly preg your baby will probably just start walking or not yet.
un like 2yr gap your heavly preg and running around non stop. also another good point is that while you preg you can sleep when your baby does.

so for my opinion i think there are more positives than negs.

good luck with your decision.

izacc,ethan and mya

Hi there

I recently found out i am pregnant and there will be a 12 month gap between the bubs. At first i was freaking out but i posted a query on here and there are plenty of mums out there that have their bubs close together and they have more pos than neg to say.
Good luck and congrats

i cant really help much as i am also 23 and lost #2 when DS was 6 months old. I wanted mine close together.
But good luck with whatever u choose

I to have just found out i am pregnant again with no 6 just after having a beautiful planned baby that hadint yet turned 5 months, so that making it the next baby born before my last..... is one year old!!! two baby's in one year.

With an age gap from the second to last youngest child of 6 years to my eldest this year being 15 who I had when i had just turned 18 years, who I to broke up with his dad a week after he was born, and although I had my second son not long after and re broke up I coped and come out the other side It sucked and it hurt BUT... now I have two of the most adorable son's, who Im still young enough to relate to it's awsum.

I also have found that they didint miss out On love or attention if anything they got more cose they had me as well as each other. (Dad decided to move on and have a life with out them HIS LOSS smile

I dont think you are being selfish, we all have to go threw the emotion's you wouldint be normal if you didint.

Im now alot older and I question how im going to cope I to even considered Abortion even adoption, but deep in my heart i know that once those little bundles of joy are in your arm's nothing can replace it im not going to pretend No it isint easy but It's amazing how you do cope and on the note of how your ex is going to cope well girl It's not about him It's about you and some big decision's you have to make which are the right one's for you.

I think that he's an ex for a reason. and If he love's his kids he will be there for them, they still have two parents even though your not together, and If not you can do it It really isint that hard belive me You learn the skill if not already Im sure you have of Multi tasking smile I realise that it all seem's such a mess at the moment but I did it and have come out the otherside.

I wish you all the best with your decision
Hi, The same thing happend to me i was 19yrs when i had my first daughter and found out i was pregnant with my second when my daughter was 3 months old i was so scared it was a huge decision but me and my boyfriend both decided to keep her. There only 11 mnths and 30 days appart.

Things got hard but we managed you just have to make sure that this is really what you want, cause things may get hard but you just have to cope with it for the kids. I have a really good boyfriend to without him i don't think i could have done it.

My girls are 5 & 4 now and are best of friends and the worst of enemy's. They are pretty much like twins and inseprable. They get on so well and look after each other all the time we don't regret anything, we love both our kids with all our hearts.

If you are having doubts though you really need to sit down and have a good think about it. If you dont think you can handle it you have to do what you think is right for you and your daughter.

I hope this helps.
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My first two are 14 months apart. So you can imagine my shock when i fell pregnant with my youngest within 7 weeks of having my daughter!!! There was an 11 months gap between them in the end

Life is definetely busy...but they are all really close and i wouldnt have it any other way! My youngest is now 11 months old and it looks like number 4 might be on the way!!
Hi ifound out i was preg with no 2 when no 1 was only 4 month and im only 19 smile everthing happens for a reason


Hi Mishele.

Oh my gosh how cool are you your boys are so lucky to have you as a mum dats awsum. Good on ya!!!!!!!


I cant really talk as im ttc#1 but a friend of mine has an 12yr old son, had twins in Jan this year and is now preggers with another one! So she'll have 3 babies in 1 year! Get ur head around that. But it honestly couldnt happen to a more mumsy person in the world, she loves her babies and is going to be a fantastic mum to the next one.

Hope that helps and doesnt make ur situation seem too bad. Like others have said, everything happens for a reason and if you want it to work out it will
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