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the i am pregnant excuse Lock Rss

Does anyone elses partner think that your just using the im pregnant excuse!!

He has no idea what i feel like everyday, considering im working fulltime still and i am the only one that does anything around the house, but yet he seems to think i should be fine and be able to do everything weith no complaint and i shouldnt blame being tired and sore and sick on beong pregnant

Its not an excuse, i really do feel like this all the time sad

Maxim Stepanov is three months old smile


My hubby used to think that until I really explained it to him one day. I asked him to imagine how he feels after a terrible 12 hour shift at work where nothing has gone right and everyone had peed him off and he's had to shovel dirt for 4 hours etc etc and to imagine how tired and drained and grumpy he would feel, which he did, and then I said that is pretty much how I feel all the time! He got it a bit more after that.

Smack him upside the head if he doesn't get it! It's only going to get worse once the baby is born and he needs to realise he has to pull his weight too.

Good luck and I hope he 'gets it' soon.

Hugs, Setty

Hey Shelly!
I know what you mean and how fed up u must feel by the situation. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and work full time too and i'm quite fussy about the house and my partner works really hard at work but never helped me around the house.
I got so sick of the situation, than i left him for 2 days and spend some time at the sunshine coast at my friend house.
I felt so happy and relax and happy to be pregnant for the first time really than i realised, screw him!
If he want to be a jerk and unfair and not understand, screw him!
We are worth much more than that! Don't let him ruin your moment, take it easy for yourself, go away for a while, work less, see some friend, go out. Make yourself and your baby happy because that's what your baby and you deserve!
Lately I have been having real trouble lifting my son (into carseat etc) who is only 2 but the size of the average 5 year old and my partner seems to get a bit tired of me asking him to lift him all the time just because im pregnant but i just reminded him that i have gone from 50 kgs to 65 in a matter of months so i have very good reason to be too tired and feel too "heavy" to do the stuff I used to do. I think sometimes men just need to be reminded and if he doesnt start to pull his weight now, its only going to get harder for you when the baby is born.
Tell your man to strap a bag of spuds around his middle day and night and see how long he lasts!

He'll soon get the picture of how hard it is to carry on as normal.
My DH used to until I stopped coping completely and couldn't stop crying! We talked and now he helps with the house work a bit though still can't pick up after himself! He also now knows what i go through at work everyday and he was only there for 15 minutes to pick DD up! Keep talking to him, he'll get it eventually..
I hear it all the time, my partner seems to think that I make up stuff about feeling crappy. We run a repairs/maintenance business so he works long hours so that gives him the right to be a complete ****hole. I have stopped working, but I still keep the book work up keep a 8 bedroom house clean, washing, take kids to school, look after a hyperactive 3 year old, cook the list goes on.
I absolutley wish men could feel what we have to go through!! Especially when it comes to giving birth, they should try push a baby through the eye of their **** or have a c-section see how they feel afterwards, and carrying a baby for 9 months (morning sickness, cramps, backaches etc. etc.)

guys totally suck (Hehehe) they will never get it

Maxim Stepanov is three months old smile

Ive just been reading through some of the posts. Ive just had it out with my girl's dad on the same sorta thing, so not understanding!!, im fuming ladies so im on a roll! - lol

I suggest you get one of those pregnancy bodysuits, & demand he wears it for a whole freaking day!! Watch him bitch & whinge then & hit him up everytime he does with 'now you know how i feel' Im sure gonna do the same!! ha ha.

The cheek of them really! Argh..
You girls should really make a stand. How dare they try to make you feel guilty for feeling "off".
I was just shocked that husbands/partners could be that selfish. I could never imagine my husband telling me that I was using it as an excuse!!!!!!!!!
Grab them by their chest hairs and talk some sense into them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi ladies, I'm Sarah and I found out just 2 days ago that I'm pregnant. I'm only 17, and the pregnancy was a complete surprise, and my boyfriend (18) wants an abortion, but I am unsure. We have been together 4 and a half years.

Today I txtd him when I felt really shit and started throwing up, and he said "why? you were fine just before" and I said well Im not now, and what do you mean WHY?"
and he said: "Its not because you're pregnant. You hardly have been for long. You dont just get sick like that. Dont use it as an excuse."

I couldnt believe it!! I didnt txt back because it would have been a bunch of swear words, but it made me think about how important it is to do what I want, I'd be so upset if I felt pressured into an abortion by him just to find out hes a complete arsehole and wasnt worth it.

Guys can be horrible creatures!!!!
My partner is not a total XXXX like some of these guys but even he struggles to understand. Especially in the early months when you feel terrible but don't look pregnant. That's the time he used to think I was just being lazy or using pregnancy as an excuse. Now that I am visibly pregnant and struggling to move around, limping around the place, he doesn't say anything and he has voluntarily done more tidying up around the place and doesn't complain if I ask him to help with various tasks. But it's so hard for most men to understand that even when you don't LOOK pregnant, huge changes are happening in your body and mind which can make you feel terrible, sick and fatigued. Most guys are ignorant and need to be educated about this. They need to realise that when you are carrying 15 or 20 extra kilos around 24/7, pumping so many more litres of blood etc etc, no wonder you feel tired and achy!

It is so frustrating and I'm not sure what is the best way to educate them, it's like they need to hear it from someone else, because when you try to explain they don't take it seriously, they think it's exaggerated or some kind of female conspiracy! The same goes for child care, if they are not the main one doing it they tend to underestimate how hard work it can be and just take you for granted.

Mothers, let's take care to try to raise our sons to be sensitive and strong, to respect women. Let's try to provide them with positive role models. Let's try to raise them so that when they have a pregnant partner, they show compassion and use their manly strength to DO SOME HOUSEWORK! And after that, offer to give her a massage.
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