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Any young mums/mums to be.. Lock Rss

Hi, my name is stacie, i'm 18 and currently 25weeks pregnant and am scared to death of what is ahead of me. I live on northside brisbane. Would love to hear the experiences of young mums/mums to be and am up for a chat.
[Edited on 16/09/2008]

Hollie Jane Carpenter (31/12/08) 7lb 2oz - 3.2 gra

hi stacie,
my names emily, i am also 18 preg with my first due feb the 22nd.
im pretty scared about wat lies ahead aswell, i dont really know any other pregnant people around my age, my sis had a baby a few years ago, but she is abit older.
how has it all been so far for you?
hey my names charmane.
I'm only 16 and have 11 days to go.
I'm not quite scared yet, just bloody nervous!
Good luck!

Hey my names Jordan
Im 18 and due next year in april!
I live on the west side of Brisbane.
This is my first pregnancy and am looking forward to everything still to come!!
aaaghh my pregnancy has gone so quick and even though it has gone quick it feels like there is forever to go but really only 15weeks. i just want this pregnancy to pass already and be holding bub in my arms, i am so scared of labour, more the unexpected then the pain. I cant really complain about my pregnany though as i didnt get morning sickness, i'm not really showing yet either and i havent gained that much weight, how is everyone else going with their pregnancies so far?

Hollie Jane Carpenter (31/12/08) 7lb 2oz - 3.2 gra

my pregnancy has gone so quickly too.
One minute I'm 10weeks and the next I'm almost 39 weeks.
Can't even remember where the time went!
I had no morning sickness either. Lucky us!
Now I'm just as fat as a hippo haha
I think I've put on around 10kilos.

Well ive had morning sickness pretty much throughout the 12 weeks. Not so much the vomiting just feeling really dizzy and lightheaded but its a lot better then before and hopefully goes away some time soon!
Gosh im scared to see how much weigh i'll put on but i guess as long as its enough to keep the baby healthy its all good. I think ive put on maybe 2kilos so far and im sure theres many more to come =S
yer i caint wait til i look pregnant nd not pudgy as some of my friends hav said from my pic on myspace =(. i've only put on about 3kg so far which is good i guess. just hope bub is healthy. 14weeks to go =)

Hollie Jane Carpenter (31/12/08) 7lb 2oz - 3.2 gra

Hey Girls,

Im Amber, 18 and expecting my first wee girl in December. Im 26.5 weeks. Im in NZ. Starting to get nervous about labour but she has to come out somehow haha! Glad to hear everyone's pregnancy's are going well. Do you girls work??

Amber =)


Im Kelsey, 17 and due with bub #1 in November! I am a West Aussie girl and live in s small mining town with my DP (22yo). Since Ive only got 9 and a bit weeks to go, Im starting to get into denial that its all down to me to bring this bubba into the world LOL. I was working but, very long story short, due to new company policies coming into play I lost my job back in July. Lucky DP has a awesome job and he could support me from get go.

How are all you girls doing?
[Edited on 18/09/2008]

quite a complicated story about me working. me and my fiancee were living in grafton and for me he said that we would move to brisbane because there was no work in grafton. He came for a job interview, got the job, resigned from his old work and then we found out i was pregnant. I felt so bad because we left everything behind for me and then there was really no point. i havent been working because no1 will hire me even though i have been for job interviews and everything. yes it is discrimination but i cant prove it. so atm i am doing my retail certificate which i have to quickly finish in 5days as its due then and then i'm signing up to do a government funded child services course so i can work in daycares. it will be good because i have up to 2years to do the course which will be good as i will hav a lil one to look after to.

i really wanted a job to as i want to be around people and not home all day but beggers cant be chosers. i'm just content with doing housework and soon having a lil bundle of joy to look after.

Hollie Jane Carpenter (31/12/08) 7lb 2oz - 3.2 gra

I'm still currently working, seeing as im only 12 weeks. I have had a lot of time off though due to sickness, but lucky my boss understands my situation! So i dont get into to much trouble. I find it very hard just sitting and staring at a computer all day without getting fresh air for nearly 8 hours! and of course the air conditioning! But I think at the end of the year I'll resign, as I dont think it will be comfortable travelling 2 hours via public transport everyday to and from work with a very big belly LOL. Im just thankful that my partner and parents are going to support while I take time off for Baby =]
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