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HELP!!! Is it just me? Lock Rss

hi all,
Im 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow and worrying about my relationship with my partner!
When i ask him to feel our baby he acts like its a hassle, when i tell him about how the baby is developing in my womb he seems uninterested and sometimes doesnt listen! He never wants to go to anienatal classes with me or doctors visits!
He never helps with housework and its a pain cos i have very bad back aches all the time and i have a bad hip due to pregnancy weight.
What can i do about this?
Am i imagining things?
Is it just me?

sharon, 20, SA

no talk to him ask him what have i done .is because it my weight or because i have a baby just all you can do is talk to him I hope it work out for you make him a nice didder then talkto him about what have i done if you want to talk to Send me a EMail on [email protected] or sms me on 0414729343..


[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Johanne,
see, i would talk to him but the problem is that he denies it and we end up fighting. Hes never really helped out around the house but now that i really need it ive started asking him for help cos he says hell help but he just does nothing.......ill ask him to do something again & again then i will just get fed up and do it myself!
Im getting fed up with all this but i dont want to be seperated from him but im afraid thats what i need to do it make him see.
This is stressing me out and i dont need it at the moment.

sharon, 20, SA


You really have to sort this out before the baby is are going to need more help, with changing nappies, bathing and just someone else to share your new buddle of joy with.(there is so many fun things to do....don't treat changing nappies and bathing as a job, make everything you do fun) You both should be really enjoying this time and specialy the time after your little treasure is born. My little girls is 7 months today and it has gone so fast their not your little baby for long. You both should enjoy this special time as it will be gone before you know it.

My husband and I have had the best 7 months ever, we can not get enough of our little on. Every weekend is family time and we all have heaps of fun (my husband works long hours during the week and sometimes Chloe is in bed before he gets home). If your husband does not help you, he is the one missing out on this special time.

Good Luck and enjoy the birth of you buddle of joy.


Lee,QLD,18/12/02 baby girl 26/09/05 baby boy

i long have you been together for if you need someone to talk to send me a email on [email protected] Have you got any moer children at all.ask him what have i done to be like that...xxxxxxx

[email protected] plainland qld

i know we need to sort it out but i dont know how to without it resulting in a fight or blame! Im not saying he will be a lousy dad.....its just that he probably wont take as much responsibility as he sould.Hell be a good dad but i need help!
You are a really lucky woman......thanks for the advice

sharon, 20, SA

We have been together 3 years next friday....... Engaged for 1 year!
This is our first baby and its not easy to talk to him.
I have tried to email you before without luck, my email address is :-
[email protected]

hope to hear from you

sharon, 20, SA

Hey i had the same problem when i fell pregnant with my 5month old son Jayden. His father never helped me or never wanted to help me buy baby things or clothes he was never interested in doctors appiontments either. He looked at the aultrasound photo and threw it on the floor.i tried to talk to him about it but in the end i had to do what was right for my son. His father doesnt come to see him and i am hurt by that but hopefully it should get better. ive been a single mother for 5 months and i think it is so much better because you dont have anyone telling u how u should do things etc. My mum says keep your head up and look forward to every minute with your kids.
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