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Hi, I am expecting my first baby in September and am wondering if any other mums to be experience what i call 'public property syndrome'? It seems that when u are pregnant you become public property! EVERYONE has to tell you that you should or shouldnt be doing this, shouldnt be eating this or that, should be eating this, basically making me fell like im a bad mum for doing or not doing things! And then saying I'm only thinking of your baby (what the hell do they think im doing!) Is it just me being pregnant crazy hormonal lady, or do all mums feel like this? And what do you do? Sorry i know this sound petty-especially compared to some of the probs on this forum, but i was just wondering how other mums deal with it!
Hi Mele,

I kow what you mean! When I was pregnant everyone felt they had a right to tell you what you should/shouln't do, what to eat/not to eat, what your doing wrong and how big you you don't feel big enough!

You can't win, no matter what you do/don't do there will be someone there to critisize you for it. I just learn't to ignore it or become a real smart @rse!

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

wait until you're belly is big & then you also become public property in a physical way... you won't believe the amount of strangers that 'accidently' rub your tummy!! & once you've had the bub, then you are still getting told what you should & shouldn't do! It never ends!
goodluck with your pregnancy & impending birth.
take note of what is said, write it down if they are insistent because at the end of the day you can go home throw out all those notes [in the recycle bin file] and whilst lying in bed lay your head on the pillow and download all the useless (but well meaning) information into the depths of the night.

be sure to thank them with a smile but remember to file.

crazy -no, hormonal -no, normal -YES
take care

mum to ben 20/4/03, Riley 19/4/05, Megan 15/9/06 &

I'm not big enough to have a bump yet, but planning on returning the favour of anyone that touches me without asking. If they're bald - rub the head, if they have a bump too (what ever it consists of), rubbing that back. Grrrr.!

As to advice. I listen to family's advice and those friends who I call sobbing for an ear when hormones are out of control and raise eyebrows and change the subject with everyone else.

Good luck.


Hol WA 1st due 1/8/06

Hi Mele

I got that from day one, everyone has their own opinions and feel like they have to share them with you. I had women tellingme i wasn't putting on enough weight, wasn't very big, wasn't eating properly, wasn't doing this right or that right blah blah. I think everyone gets it. If you really are getting offended by people's comments then tell them to back off, i mean its your baby and i don't think you should have to take comments from people if they are not wanted.

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