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Painkillers while pregnant...??? Lock Rss

My wisdom tooth is playing up horribly!!
at 34 weeks my doctor precribed me with Panedeine Forte to take one tablet if needed otherwise just to stick to panadol. He want me to wait until baby is born before having the tooth pulled.
I am now 37.5 weeks and my doc is in America and my tooth is worse then ever - does anyone know if it is safe to take this late in the pregnancey??

I'm not sure but I'd be seeing a dentist if I were you, if the tooth is infected you would need antibiotics and as far as I'm aware they can do dental work when you are pregnant.
yes its safe , due to fractured vertabrae in my back im taking several a day and its safe to take up until labour begins. ive checked with 5 different doctors including the hospital and chemists.
hope you feel better.

if i were you id be doing everything i could to get labour to start!
Good luck
hi i was prescribed panadiene forte while i was pregnant for migraines and due to having pancreatitis i was also having morphine injections weekly right up to a week before delivery.

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OK I'm going to sound like a drug adict after this but hopefully it helps... I've had severe cramping (with no cause) through my whole pregnancy and the doctor proscibed me to take panadine fort for a day, making sure I kept up the dosage so the pain relief wouldnt wear off, then a day on plain panadine before stepping down to reglular panadol. So no, panadine fort wont hurt you baby, you may get hassled by the chemist a bit by getting it at first but once they realise that your doctor proscibed it they are normally fine. The ladies in the local chemist know me well now...

I would suggest going to a dentist as soon as you can though. You can still get dental work done as far as I know as the anesthetic they give you is only a local and shouldnt cross the placenta. May be wrong but I remember hearing that from somewhere... :S

Hope this helps!

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