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Anyone else turned into a mega b***h Lock Rss

Just wanting to now if i am going crazy??? Does anyone else just start to go off for no reason i have never been an aggressive or angry person but the other day i punched a hole in the bathroom door he he he. I know i shouldn't laugh but my partner just walked in and was reading over my shoulder and reeled off a list of other crazy things i should list (he just replaced the door)... and it is always my DP i take it out on... anyway the thing is im only 7 weeks i hope this goes away soon anyone else had similar problems???

Mel 21yrs, TAS, Amber 24/05/01 TTC#2

Sorry always been aggresive and angry but people seem to annoy me more while I was pregs. Sorry and good luck

One day at a time

Hi Mel,

Aah you sound just like me... yep isn't it amazing how you can turn from jekyll to hyde in a split second i know i am doing it but my god i cannot stop hehehe. I lost the plot the other day about a bottle of bleach cause i couldn't get the lid of hubby came in took it of, well i couldn't get it back on so he came in patted me on the shoulder and told me to sit down and he will wash the floors for me... Well i threw the bottle in the sink and the mop at hubby and stormed out, spent all day in bed sulking my poor boys were to scared to say boo to me oops!! So no you are not going crazy i am 12 weeks and it feels like such a long way to go it is so exhausting crying every spare minute...

So don't expect anyone who is not preggers to understand, oh another thing my husband is not allowed to eat in the same room as me it p@#$%* me off he is far to noisy...

Take care xoxox

It is good to read that I am not the only one going through this. The littlest things are really upsetting me at the moment. Things that would not normally bother me. Like trying to keep the house clean all the time, my other half not giving me a cuddle straight away when I feel like one etc.... feeling like a little kid here. lol. My moods are really up and down.... I feel like one minute I have it all together and the next I am upset cause I've just cleaned the kitchen and someone puts a glass in the sink instead of the dishwasher, how petty?
The other day I got off the phone from my mum and threw it, she had upset me with some comments. It put a mark on the wall, then I cried cause I did it. Silly hey?
I am finding it hard to deal with though, cause I wasn't this bad with my first.
Hormones.... gotta love them!!
I am 21 weeks, I hope this does not last the rest of my pregnancy and beyond.....
omg I'm real bad hahaha
I quit my job last thursday I'm 15 weeks and everyone in my male orientated work was p***ing me off like you wouldnt believe so I lost the plot told then to stick it up their *** and stormed out since then I talked to them twice but they continued to annoy me and so I'm ignoring their calls i know this is bad but I just cant handle them and the way they dont understand
any advice on what to do?
*giggles* nope not alone *blush*

I seem to just go off over nothing but the good fact is my hubby takes it with a sense of humor and usually just starts teasing me with a pouting face and baby voice saying comments like

"my wife is a nasty pregnant beast she don't love me, she yellin at me I didn't do nothing"

and he continues with the pouting baby routine till I cant help but laugh at him.

Then he usually cuddles me and say something like "my poor hormonal baby" which I think is sweet as he understands I don't mean it.

I feel horrible about my spack outs (as I call them) but fact is it cant be controlled its the HORMONES

Penny Cassie - Maddison Abigail born 15th Oct 2006

YES! I am 12 weeks and I am so grumpy & irrational, it's not funny. I feel like an alien has taken over my personality. You are not alone. I too, hope it goes away soon. Good luck
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