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2nd Pregnancy - Baby boy - Are My Hormones Crazy? Lock Rss

I am with you ladies, i am week 22 in my 2nd pregnancy 20 year age gap between my pregnancies, i had a girl 1st time and was just as hormonal and am having a girl this time. I can relate to the constant fighting it is every day and if i don't desire to smash something i am in tears. I feel out of control, i am still working shift work 40 hours a week, and at the young age of 41 yrs i am shattered which probably doesn't help. Males are not always that great at seeing what needs to be done around the house, and i get right grumpy when i have to spell things out, so end up doing it myself. I also have a 7 yr old stepdaughter who lives with us full time. Am doing better at not getting short at her.
After reading all of these, i think we are all blossoming very normal pregnant woman, with raving hormones which we just need to remind ourselves it can only get better and remember our precious little bundles at the end of all this.

Posted by: SLDF84

this is my second pregnancy. 1st was a girl and the entire 9months seemed a breeze and relaxed. This time round 4 months in and we're having a boy - I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience in feeling extremely hormonal (angry more than anything) when having a boy or am I just loosing the plot!?? smile My husband and I just seem to argue all the time which is not normal for us and during the arguement I almost loose control... help?
I'm 11 1/2 wks, 2nd pregnancy with an 18yr gap between my first. Don't know the sex. I'm so tired & Super hormonal.. I don't remember feeling this crazy with my first, my partner & I are fighting everyday & im ready to move out & leave this relationship behind. If this is a passing stage- when did you ladies start feeling "normal" again ?? I don't want to raise this baby alone but I'm ready to kill my partner too!! ???? I'm really starting to struggle ????- can anyone help?
Hey ladies!
Hope you're all doing great. Congrats to all of you who are pregnant. I envy you. ?
Pregnancy can be a different experience based on the baby's gender. The levels of hCG and other hormones are different for a boy vs girl in your womb. Although the scientific evidence backing all this info is not as such available. It is considered that having a girl makes you more emotional owing to a slightly increased level of estrogen in mother's circulation. Boys, on the other hand, make you more aggressive owing to the slightly increased levels of testosterone in your system with a boy. The believes that boys make your hair healthy and girls steel your body is not backed up by any scientific evidence.
I think you should enjoy what you have, even the aggressiveness. Which I think is cute. At least you get to experience it.
Best of luck you all.
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