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doing the whole pregnancy all by myself!!!!! - pregnant teen. Lock Rss

hi everyone,

my name is sarah, i am 17 years old, i am having my first baby (which i found out was a girl) on july the 6th!

i am excited about this baby becoz it has made me the happiest person alive, no matter how young i am, i know i am going to make a great mum!

the only thing i wish i didnt have to do was do it by myself, the father of the bub is a worthless loser who drinks all the time and only gives a crap about me when he wants to, i have bought everything to get ready for this baby, and he hasnt spared a lousy dollar, but i am proud to say that i am an independent young woman and mother to be! i dont need to rely on anybody!

anyone in the same situation as i am? love to chat...

email address is [email protected]

take care all

sarah xo

mummy 2 leila & mia x

Hi Sarah,
Good on you being excited and happy about your pregnancy and being so independent. If the father is a worthless loser etc you are better off without him anyway - he will just cause you more stress, work and probably more conflict as the child gets older and you don't want a negative influence on your child.

I'm sorry to hear you are doing it on your own though. While I am married, my husband works extremely long hours and not very plugged in and I often feel I am doing it on my own.

I know you want to be independent and not reliant on anyone, but you should try and get a support network - mum, friend, mother's group, something?? It helps so much when bub is screaming or having a fever or whatever to have someone you can call to bounce ideas off or ask for advice, or even to babysit for an hour while you get your hair cut in peace.

I hope you continue to enjoy being pregnant and all of the best on the birth of your bub.


hi sarah
my name is Melissa. I was a young mum. I fell pregnent with my son when I was 17 aswell. I was actually in my last yr of school at the time. However I am proud to say that I finished yr 12 whilst being 5 mths pregnant.
Im sorry to hear that the father is no longer around. But maybe it was for the beat anyway. U seem like a strong person, so you know that you will do fine.
The father of my bubby was around and still is. We did have our ups and downs and for the first few months I had to do it by myself.
It was hard, thankfully I did have alot of friends and family to help.
I wish you luck. But if you ever need help just ask.!!!


mel, qld, tristan 4

hi sarah

my name is hailey i'm 21, having my first baby (a boy) and in a similar situation my fiance left me at 3 1/2 months and now im going it alone. I'm due on the 27th july and im really excited! i'ts great that you are so positive and it is honestly nice to know that there are other people out there goin through the same thing. I have friends and family supporting me and my mum has been especially great but there are always times when no one seems to understand. I added you to my msn, i'd love to chat and share experiences.

Hi sarah my name is emma and i fell pregnant when i was 18 by the time my son was born i was 19. The father of him was a loser aswel all he did was drink only thought of himself. He was also cheating on me the whole time i was pregnant. i broke it of when i was only 10 weeks preg. So i had noone only my parents but there is only so much they can do too.

I moved away with them to QLD it was the best thing i ever did. I got away from the father. To me his only a sperm doner. He might be the biggest d***head in the world but i have the best little boy in the world that i l9ove to bits.

Im almost 21 now and my son is 17 mths old i met someone 6 mths back and we get married in september and he loves my little boy as much as me. I didnt think i would ever find anyone that would take on my boy as their own but i did. We are trying for 2# at the moment so fingers crossed.

Its hard at first but it does get better i hope that you have lots of surport from family and friends and i will email you really soon if you want me to.

Have you thought of any names for her yet?

Luv em


hey sarah
congradulations ur going to be a mummy

i went thru the same thing ......the partner didn't buy a thing, he spent his money drinkn n smoken pot instead, he also told me that he hoped i die in labour !
my bub is 9months old, im stronger then ever n don't need to rely on anyone but myself, i am independent and all decidions are up to me to make....wich can be hard but its good at the same time.
i work hard, study hard and give plenty of time n love to my son. he is my world and motivation for everything that i do.

i will tell u that it is hard, and can be a shok of how hard it actually is, but no doubt u will get threw it and be a fantastic mum ! all the best.

Danni, WA,

Hi sarah

I can understand how you feel, i recently broke it off with my boyfriend, I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my first baby and its hard I know. He sounds a bit similar to the father of your bub.
Thats so great that you are so positive and seem ok with everything, its a good thing to hear.
If you want to chat my msn is [email protected]

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