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Pregnancy and Work Lock Rss

Hey there

just wondering about how everyone managed their relationship with their boss when telling them you were pregnant. I know there is some stuff that you have to do like give them written notice of maternity leave and your expected date that you will reurn to work, but did you manage to come to some 'extra' arrangements about your work or were you only provided with the basic rights that everyone is entitled to.

Just an interesting topic given all the politicians talk about women and work.

tired and feeling old

For both of my pregnancies, my boss was one of the first to know - even before some family members. I had to let them know, as I had really bad morning sickness (from 6-32 weeks with my first, and 5-20 weeks with my second) actually being physically ill several times a day, and feeling very nauseated the rest of the time - I had to explain my sudden departure during meetings, or sometimes in the middle of a conversation. I found both times (different bosses) they were really very accommodating, and if I needed 'extra' arrangements were generally only too happy to help - better for them if I could at least do most of my job, with a few minor concessions, rather than having to take time off as I was so ill. But I have also known others who's bosses havn't made any allowances - just depends on your boss. I was quite lucky.

mum to 2 girls

I was the same as you mum2girls.

My boss ended up knowing the day after I found out cause he guessed something was wrong and asked if I was OK. I just burst into tears and told him cause it was such a shock for us and I was very confused. I am very lucky though to have a good boss. He listened to my concerns for an hour or so then reassured me and said no matter what my partner and I chose to do work would be behind me 100%, give me all the time off I needed etc. Obviously we decided to keep the baby (thank goodness) and work couldn't have been more supportive. They are letting me come back from maternity leave with flexible working arrangements and even letting me work from home a bit too. Unfortunately all work places aren't crash hot though when it comes to being understanding and flexible to women who want to have a flexible career and be a mum. I think those who do have good employers are really lucky though and these also tend to be the places with low staff turnover because they put their workers first!

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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