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leave me alone, 22weeks Rss

Is it just me or are there other girls out there that are finding thier husbands/boyfriends to be really annoying???? I cant stand it when my partner puts his hand on my belly & starts talking to our baby with this stupid voice.

Alessi, 10 july 2006

each to their own i say, but me personally i love the fact that my partner is taking alot of interest in our baby and touching my belly i think its cute!!!! but thats just me!! just stop and think how you would feel if your partner paid no attention to your pregnant belly and wasnt interested in the whole pregancy thing, i have read so many posts on here of women talking about their hubbys/ partners not giving the attention they need.

cheers hope i didnt offened you in anyway.

Hi Donella

I definantly think this is a hormonal thing. I am totally the same with my husband when I am pregnant although he doesn't do what your partner does. I get annoyed at him for the smallest things like throwing his dirty clothes on the top of the washing basket instead of lifting the lid and putting them in. Some people would say this is a petty thing to get annoyed about but when I am hormonal WATCH OUT!!!

My advice (if you want it) is to try and just grin and bear it. Try and look on the positive side, he is obviously interested in your baby and your pregnancy which is a great thing (even with the annoying bits!).


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