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HELP Expecting ... DD will only be 15 months when bub born! Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to survive pregnancy with a now 9 month old and bub due in Aug 09... I would also really appreciate any tips to help make life easier when bub arrives.

I have a toddler bed on layby... so planning on having baby in crib for 3 or 4 months than moving dd from cot to toddler bed so baby can have the cot... will dd be to small for a toddler bed at 18 months?

Thanks smile

Amanda, Bianca & Cooper

i just thought i would say hi and dont stress i am about 8 months pregnant and i have an 11 month old so there will be 12 months between my 2 kids. lol i would not stress over it.

I will let you know in a few weeks my son is 14 months and im due any day now with my second. I am feeling grateful because my sister doesn't start uni for a few weeks so she is going to come down to entertain Dylan while i take care of the new baby.
Firstly Congratulations,
Don't stress to much, as your daughter is only 9mths she will still have naps so try and nap when she does even if it;s only once or twice a week. Maybe start talking to her about the new baby she's going to get and try an include her in picking some things for her baby.
I think it is easier when your kids are close in age as they quickly get use to having a baby around and are so close their like twins. I'm speaking from experience as my 10yo & 9yo are 14 months apart and I also have a 4yo and 3yo twins who are 10 1/2 months apart.
My kids went into single beds at 2yo and they were fine so a toddler bed would be okay. If you feel she's not ready I had one of my twins in the porta cot until her sister moved into a bed.
You could let her have her cot blanket on her big girl bed and give the new baby a new cot set.
Hope this helps
All the best Rachael

Try not to stress! It wont be as stressful as you imagine. I have three kids, and number 4 on the way. there is 14m between my eldest son and daughter, and 11m between my daughter and my youngest son.

I had a momentary panic attack the ngiht she was born after everyone left. I sat there holding her thinking "what the hell have i done?? how the hell am i going to cope??" but i got over it very quickly.
My eldest son was great, he loved his little sister. He wanted to talk to her all the time, he would fetch her nappies for me, wanted to give her bottles.
I always tried to make sure i had "mummy hour" every arvo, while they were both having a nap. thats when i would not answer the phone, have a cuppa and read, or watch my fav tv show. It was my mental saviour!

I had a bit of a breakdown when i realised i fell pregnant with my youngest son...only 7 weeks after having my daughter! It took a good 4-5 months for that to sink in. But again, my other two were good with him and wanted to help.

There will be nearly 22m difference between my youngest son and the new bub, and sure life will be hectic...but it just means a slight change in routines to fit it all in.

Good luck...and seriously...DONT STRESS!

I have 17 months difference between my girls, and i put her in a toddler bed at 17 or 18 months.

She looked a lil too tiny for it lol but she loves it! I think i need to get her a big bed now tho lol!

Congrats n good luck!
Hi There,

Karl was 17months when i put him in a single bed and he never looked back! He would wake himself up heaps in the cot as he rolled around too much!

Good luck with everything im sure it will be fine!

I'm due in 7 weeks and DD will be just 20mths. We put him in a toddler bed around 17mths and he was fine, have a few issues in the day with him wanting to get out and play with his books instead of having a nap but after around 15mins he gets back up in bed and goes to sleep. Still having 2 sleeps a day which makes it easier. I'm stressing a little too but am glad to have a small age difference as it will be great when they are bigger. Good luck with it all smile

My tip would be to buy another cot. Trying to get a toddler into a bed when they arent ready is absolute hell! Add a little baby to the mix and you multiply the hell by 100.

I too was in your position, I purchased a second cot and transferred Kohen into a bed, when he was ready and from the very first sleep in the big bed I had not one problem. Same with all of my other children also.

Good luck and hold on for the ride! hehe
my grandchildren will be 13 mths apart and since they are living here at present we are going to transfer the cot in my elddest daughters room she is 27 and the new bub will be in the bassinet in their room until they can find their own place to live
im freaking out a little also lol my daughter will be 26 months when bubba comes.....

Lots of people have told me not to worry, as everything falls into place!

giving your older bub time with you when newborn is sleeping seems to be the way to go.

best of luck smile
Firstly good luck.
There's going to be 2 yrs to the day between my youngest 2 if this bub arrives on time. I have a toddler bed for miss and when she's 20 mths I'll be putting her in it.
My 2 older boys we're both 2 and a half before they went into big beds.
I suppose if you have access to a port a cot you could use one of those, U are able to get bassinet inserts for up to 8kg if one isn't supplied with it.

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