Hi there!

I completly undersatnd there is only 13 months between my first two. ( actually one year,one month, one week, one day and one hour apart to be presise!!)
You know your fears will be elivated when baby here.......i went on and had 4 in 5 years and i love every minute of it now. My eldest wil be 10 this year my youngest 5 and i have just found out i expecting no 5!
As for beds, i agree i never had two cots i just moved them into beds pretty early but then again my lot were pretty keen to climb outof their cot at about 1 year so the fall from a bed was much safer! You can buy a cot side that slips under the matress and they come up the side. I made a wee pocket on the inside of our cot side thing and it was good for a wee teddie or something. Also giving up their cot to the baby makes them feel important and proud.
I think too allowing others to take baby sooner than you may like helps the existing child feel safe they still got you.
And before you know it they will be busy playing, fighting and loving each other very much.