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I feel like I'm closing up! Rss

Ok, so this might be TMI but I'm really wondering, and worried about this.

So since I found out I was pregnant, back in dec, me and hubby haven't been all that intimate, we've only had sex, probably half a dozen times. Now I'm getting some energy back, it just seems hard for my hubby to, hmm, 'gain access' shall we say, and it is uncomfortable. I feel like my virginity grew back!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

Yea, I hated sex in pregnancy!
I hated everything actually! It was like touch me and your dead!
Luckily my partner was supportive and just understood it wasnt me not liking him it was just I didnt feel like it!! Trust me when bub is born youll be back to your old self in a couple of months!

2 more sleeps

Hi there,

I feel uncomfortable too, like I've never had sex before. Hurts a bit. I find once we get into it a little bit it's ok, still not completely normal though. Lubrication is not an issue, just hurts. You're not alone... smile
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