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Hey anyone,
I just had my 20 week scan and it revealed that I was having a little boy. I was really excited because I have always wanted a little boy- dont know why but I have. Anyways I am separated from the father of my baby who was my partner for nearly a year, and I was thinking that now that its a boy, should I tell him or just keep it to myself until the birth? I Dont think that I should tell him, because he has been very nasty towards me and has been sleeping around with other people, but some are saying that I should because he has a right to know? On the other hand, there is the fact about when the baby is born, will he suddenly take an interest because its a boy and thats what he really wanted? I would hope that it wouldnt matter what it was to him, but he is that much of a spiteful person that if it were a girl, I believe he wouldnt want much to do with her. Damn I wish he would just bugger off he is more trouble than what he is worth.

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Hi Sasha,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am sorry you have to deal with this stress though. I am lucky to have a supportive DH so this is just my opinion, not the voice of experience. If your ex partner has not told you directly that he wants to know the sex prior to the birth then I would forget about telling him. I don't know if you would have wanted him at the ultrasound but it sounds like he wasn't there. He has made his decision through his actions and now he can wait for the birth to find out the news. Having said that, I alsways think if something is going to stress you more by not saing/doing it, then for the sake of your own self (not him) tell him. So I guess my advice is do what is right for you and your baby - not what other well meaning people around you tell you you should do. It is very easy for people around you to have opinions without understanding the emotions involved.

Sorry if I've rambled....


Hi sashamaree, I just wanted to add that when i was preg with my daughter DD father and i broke up when i was 10weeks and i found out at 20 week scan that DD was a girl and then all of a sudden her father wanted to be in her life he told me he didnt want a boy and i was so upset because of this. I just thought to myself when he siad that "how dare you this is your child no matter what sex it is". So i know how your feeling about this. If i were you i'd keep it to myself and and i know exactly what you mean i wish DD father would just bugger off.


far out i went thru same thing
my partner was supposed to come to that ultra sound where find out if boy or girl. night b4 it he told me he wasn't coming coz we had an argument.....i didn't answer his fone call so he thought i was with someone else !! in the matter of fact he was the one doing the cheating !!!

i found out bubby was a boy....i didn't msg him. he msg'd me that night asking if i was gunna tell him. i told him them
i wouldn't tell him shit unless he asks !

Danni, WA,

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