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Baby's name causing arguement with my mother and I Rss

As most of you may have read my other post about my ex leaving, now my problem is the name we (my ex and myself) had chosen since we knew which was at 6 weeks or so was Madyson Paige... My mother who now hates my ex thinks I should change the name so he cant get any satisfaction out of knowing that he helped choose the name!!!
I have thought about other names but I dont like any as much as I love this one... However I have thought about changing middle name after my mum's first name... But I dont think she should pressure me to change it.
Its upsetting me and causing arguements... Its my baby shouldnt I have say???

69 days and counting... still scared

Emma, WA (Madyson Paige Elizabeth Born 9/6/06)

I just want to say that Madyson Paige is a beautiful name. I think you should stick with it if it is what you have your heart set on. A name is a special gift for a child, and it sounds like you have put a lot of thought into bubs' name. If my mum 'didnt like' a name I pick then it would be upsetting, but it just sounds like your mum is being difficult about it purely because of your ex, which isnt fair.
Does she dislike the name?
I just wanted to say that I think it is a beautiful name too. And even though you are no longer with your partner it will be a lovely gift for your child to know that you chose her name together. Best wishes.

Hi MissMe1982

My mum said to me a few years ago "A childs name should always be picked by its mother - she'll be the one screaming it all the time!"

My daughters name is Madison, so I think you have made a wonderful choice!

What did your mum think about the name before your ex left?

Your mum will always love you and your baby no matter what you name her, so do what you feel is right - it's all up to you!

All the best smile


Mum to Madi & Jake

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