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HUBBY not interested in sex! Lock Rss

Has anybady had this?

My hubby and i where married back in september when i was 5 months pregnant, we had a great sex life before that, but now we are lucky if we have had sex 4 times in 6 months!!!

It is not because of me either, i only put on 10kg through my pregnancy and when i look in the mirror, sorry to be modest, but i think i look great considering i popped out a baby 5 weeks ago. I have asked him what the problem is and he says he doesnt know he says he is still very attracted to me but his libido has gone out the window. I know he loves me as he shows it in other ways, but i want the intimacy back again!

I didnt have the problem with not wanting sex throughout my pregnancy i was quite the opposite and now it is easier too do (lets face it!), my hubby just doesnt seem to want to come anywhere near me. Has anybody else had this problem? I am quite upset about it! Is it possible for men to have low libidos after pregnancy and bubs. He says he is so tired and granted he does have a very labourous job, but mine is 24hours and i am still ready for it!

Please rest my mind and tell me there are others out there!
Sometimes men go a bit funny after watching their wife experience giving birth. Face it, it does change for a man what they think of a womans parts!!

Try surprising him by jumping in the shower with him and catch him off guard. I'm sure there aren't many men that would resist that!!
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