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Dealing with stress during pregnancy Lock Rss

This is actually my first time on this site, I only just found out yesterday that I am approximately five weeks pregnant with my first child. It wasnt exactly planned, but I'm thrilled nevertheless!

I know it's probably too soon to be worrying about this yet, but my doctor and mother keep telling me that it is really important that I try not to get too stressed or worked up over things during my pregnancy as it can cause problems with the baby.

Well, given that I have the shortest temper, the tendency to get all worked up over the most smallest things and in-laws who are insistant on making my life a living hell, I'm already beginning to stress at just the thought of what lies ahead of me over the next nine months.

My partner cant even mention his family without me getting all upset and angry, I actually broke up with him several months ago because his family were making things so hard for me, and the only reason that I got back together with him was because he promised me that I would never have to have anything to do with them again. (Yes, its that bad! these people are horrible!)

Unfortunately, this hasnt stopped them from bad-mouthing me... it really gets me down, and the last thing I want is to put my baby at risk.

I would love to hear from anyone who can recommend any techniques that they may have tried themselves or heard of which can be effective in helping pregnant mothers to stay calm and deal with stress.

If there's anyone else out there who has similar problems with their inlaws, I'd love to hear from you also!

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

Hi Katie_84

Congratulations on your pregnancy. If you are due in November you can join our November thread if you want. I am due on the 29 Nov.
I know how you feel about inlaws. My situation doesnt sound as bad as yours. My advice is not to worry about what they say about you, if you dont have to spend any time with them then all the better for you. Some people just cant except other people the way they are, and it will be their loss if they dont spend any time with their grandchild.
I have never really had to deal with too much stress during pregnancy, so i cant give you much advice on how to deal with it, but i am sure that someone will have some advice for you.
Hope to see you on the Due in Nov thread
hi Katie,
my name is Sueanne and i am due in 1 week,i also have had trouble with with my hubbys family,not just one person the whole lot of them,so i know what u r going through,i try to keep out of anything that has to do with them just the thought of them gives me the ****s but we haaven't seen them for months now,they also have said some horrible things about me and have had no interest in baby(not that i would let them anyway!!!!!!)
I still worrie cause i know that they will show their faces soon and i am in no mood to be nice to these people.
The way deal with my stress is take time to myself and have a bath now and then,but i know that it is realy hard to not to stress over it,so do your best and be strong,thats what i am trying to do anyway!!
good luck!


Hi I am only new to this site too and I would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy. I would like to really subject to you not to let the stress get to you. From my experience stress can do a fair bit to the baby. I went through so much stress in September because I fell pregnant to my lover which was kept secret from everyone but you see my life was a bit messy as I only broke up with my husband in August. When my husband pleaded to get back with me and couldn’t understand why we couldn’t get back together and I had to tell that I was pregnant to someone else. Well that’s when my troubles began and all my so call friends found out and some of my family found out and now I have very limited friends now and a few family members disowned and the father of the baby went back to New Zealand before he found out I was pregnant. I got such a hard time and got called every name under the sun and my husband making me make a decision to get back together and abort the baby. Well one I don’t believe in abortion and secondly I wasn’t happy in my marriage so why would I go back. Within a month I was arguing with everyone... the father of the baby and my husband and my father and his wife were getting stuck into for different reasons.. I just wanted to die.. All I had was my kids but with all this stress which the doctors tried to convince me that it wasn’t stress that killed the baby it just something that happens and the baby must of had something wrong with it but I don’t believe that cause of all the crying and abuse I was getting the baby probably thought "I am not coming out into a world like this" My lover came back to stand by me and a week later I started to bleed and the ultrasound found the baby had been dead a week and half before hand. It was the most heart breaking thing to go through and not one person was sympathetic. That was October 2005. I am now pregnant with my lover, boyfriend and my husband and I are great friends and the true friends I have left are very supportive. I believe that the baby we lost was to bring out in the open the secret life I was having and now we have been given a 2nd chance and I haven’t let much get to me. I cant say its been a stress free pregnancy but I found I started to read and that helped so much as I really hate reading but it has helped me so much. I recommend it. Or just do something that keeps your mind busy and keep away form the people who causes the stress. That’s what I have done and I have lost a lot of people but I have learnt they are the ones at the loss in the end and I just think to myself that those type of people who cause trouble for others are so unhappy with there own life that they have to pick on someone else to make themselves feel better and I believe that so much cause its happen to me.

cerina & Jasmine 26 week prem 26/5/06

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