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Bf's mum won't listen Lock Rss

I feel like I'm losing the plot I'm 20 years old and having a unplanned baby and suffering from depression I've quit my job I cant sleep and most of all everytime I see my boyfriends mum we fight
It seems like she wants everything her way and when I say it cant happen she wont give up now my boyfriends getting upset becoz I'm making his sensitive mother cry but she's doing it to me too
I just cant handle the way she can't except that this is our baby not hers and when I say no I mean it.
I dont know what to do anymore I do want this baby and I want this to be a happy time but the stress is crushing me does anyone else have problems similar?
First of all, Stuff her! You are right, this is YOUR BABY not hers!!! All I can suggest is that you tell your boyfriend that it is causing you to stress and you really need for his mum to back off. Can you not see her, or is he really close to his mum?

Please dont let her ruin this experience for you. I know this sounds really cheesy, but this is a beautiful and exciting time for you and you should be allowed the opportunity to enjoy it and experience it your own way. You take care of yourself and bubs ay, my thoughts are with you.

Take care and good luck
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