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Brazillian Waxes! Lock Rss

Does anybody know whether clinics/beauty salons will give you Brazillian waxes when you are over 33 weeks? Ta...

Analiyah Skye due 15th May!

hi there jadenlee1104,

i don't see why any one wouldn't do it for you... my sister is a beauty therapist and she does them... i have 12 days to go and i am getting her to do mine on saturday... i am even going in for a c-section so there is no point really cos they are not going to be in that area any way but ijustl ike the feeling for myself... it does get harder tho to get into certain positions... just ring around and ask if you can find some one that understands???

good luck

Sunshine Coast, 9 & 8y.o boys, girl 12days old


If you go to the 'Your labour and birth' forum, there is a topic called "down below", you might find it useful, I moved it to the top for you!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

I Actually was told thet the increase in blood flow down there after waxing can bring on the labour so bring it in....
have fun

Mother to 2 beautiful kids.

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