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Daddy being really insensitive... Lock Rss

I'm only 5 weeks pregnant but for the past two weeks sex has been the last thing on my mind!

I've only had sex once since discovering that I was pregnant and it gave me really bad pains in my stomach, so that kind of turned me off.

I guess I'm a little concerned about hurting the baby, but more so, I'm simply not interested. My entire body is aching, I'm barely getting any sleep, I had a big fall the other day so I can barely even walk and I'm feeling utterly exhausted- sex is the last thing on my mind!

The problem is that my partner is beginning to get really frustrated with me, he keeps making nasty remarks about how I'm just using the pregnancy as an excuse to get out of having sex with him.

He wont even cuddle me or kiss me unless he thinks it will lead to sex, and every time I turn him down he mutters nasty things under his breath, before turning his back on me and sulking.

He's also been incredibly irritable lately and snaps at me over the most smallest things, when I ask him why he's acting that way he says it's because I'm not giving him sex!!!!!

It's really beginning to get me down, I'm already feeling incredibly insecure at the moment and he's only making matters worse.

Am I wrong in thinking that he is being completely selfish and unreasonable?

Is there anyone else out there going through a similar thing?

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

Oh my god, he is being so so selfish and immature! If you have a look around the site, there are so many women who just do not want to have sex and sometimes it goes through the whole way through the pregnacy. You have hormones going through your body and being so tired does not help. He really needs to pull his head out and have a bit of understanding for you! I did not have any sex drive when i fell pregnant, but luckily my husband was very understanding. Yes, he was probably a bit frusterated, but hey it wont drop off from no use!
Maybe you could sit down and talk to him and explain how you are feeling. Let him know that you still love him, but at the moment your sex drive is down and you are tired. He is not the only husband/partner going through this, believe me! Im sorry he has made you feel so bad, especially when you both should be enjoying this time in your lives. I hope you are able to talk to him, or wortk it out. If he decides to be stubborn, just try as best you can not to stress (i know its hard!) too much over it. You shouldnt feel like you have to have sex just to get rid of his frusterations, you can still be loving and intimate without having sex. Best of luck with everything, i hope things get better for you (otherwise introduce him to his right hand! LOL-sorry a bit crude!) Good luck with bubs, i hope it all goes smoothly. xxxx
Hey Katie, if youve spoken to him and he's still the same, then he probably wont change just yet. The only thing you can do really, is ignore his nasty and selfish behaviour and try really hard to stay strong and not to stress ( I know this must be so hard, but i also dont think you should give him sex when you really dont want to just to make him happy. Especially as you say he gets s**** cos you didnt enjoy it. (What does he expect, when he's stressing you out about it, and then it feels like he's forcing you.) I do agree that relationships are about give and take, and communication, but having sex or doing sexual things when you really dont want to is Not about give and take-it's about someone getting what they want by making the other person feel bad and guilty. I'm sure you both still love each other, and you can express love in other ways then Yvette says a nice little letter a hug whatever. I'm sorry he's still acting like this, but i dont think you are overreacting, and i do think he is selfish. Anyway, who knows by your 4th month you may be feeling really horny, so he can get his 'due' then! I really hope it all works out, is he normally like this.. if not, then it could be his fears about the pregnacy too..but still that doesnt give him a right to be mean and nasty to you. I hope everything goes ok!
I should probably mention that i ended up losing my precious bubs at about 12 weeks (well i went for my 12 week scan and they said bubs had died at 8 weeks.) I am getting better, and we are trying again when we can. For some reason i just cannot bear to change my little description thingy at the bottom...silly of me i know! anyway, i hope your partner starts behaving himself so you can both enjoy the rest of your pregnacy!
when i saw this post i thought it sounded so much like my partner, i am goign through the same thing my partner will get **** when i say no i am tired and pushes me away turns his back to me and tells me where to go, i knwo the feeling.

He alwasy tells me where to go if i say no to sex and turns his back to me(acts like a bloody baby lol)

now that your pregnant you need affection more than ever it may not seem like much to the men but those hugs and kisses are somethign that really helps. just let him know your not saying not to him you are just sayin no to the sex


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