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no more affection Lock Rss

i am 14 weeks preg with my first but my partners 3rd and i dont know if its the thought of the pregnancy or the fact that my body is changing but my partner doesnt seem to be as affectionate as he used to.

There are times where he does be affectionate but its only when he would want sex and that is only ever when he gets home at 11pm at that time of night i am exausted and in bed and i dont have the energy i try tellin him that i am really tired and its not like i am sayin i dont want him i am sayin no to sex and i try being affectionat towards him give him a hug and a kiss but he pushes me away and tells me to go away i dont know what to do anymore and it really upsets me when he does this.

any ideas people i am going crazy


no you are not going crazy, you partner is being an insensitive jerk. Ok so he wnats sex, but he has to understand that u are in the first stages of your pregnancy, with your first child and that you are not going to be up to doing some of the same things that you could before.

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