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How should I tell Her? Lock Rss


I have just found out I am pregnant with our 3rd child andhave also just come back from having holidays with my family.

The thing is...this one was sort of planned and my sis-in-law has been TTC now for the past year and is so wanting to fall pregnant. After seeing her talk about it I know it really is bothering and am struggling with a way to tell her without upsetting her or making it seem like I am rubbing it in!

She know it will take time but you know how it goes, when you are tyring for a baby you wan it to happen straight away. I know I am one of the lucky ones in that it only took my 4 months to Conceive with my other 2 and a month with this one.

How do I tell her...I know I will have to but is there anyway I can do it gently that won't get her upset?


Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

This is a tough one and I have been in your shoes before. My sis-in-law and brother have been TTC for more than ten years!!! I was lucky enough to fall pregnant the first time we tried and I really did not know how she would handle the news. I guess there is no real easy way to do it. We decided to announce the pregnancy to everybody at once - as it was Easter at the time of my 12 week mark this was the perfect occasion. I felt it was necessary as if we told separately I am sure she would have thought we deliberately told them last. I guess it also depends on her personality as well.

One thing we did NOT do was hide our happiness. i am sure your sis-in-law will be happy for you afterall every baby is a gift.

Good luck!

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home


I know I have to tell her or she will be offended if I don't! I just feel for her as this will be my 3rd and she is still trying for her first!

Thanks for your reply and help mum2gabriella!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Well CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!!! how exciting for you!! i hope it all goes well for you smile

I havent been in your position but im sure your sister in law will be very happy for you despite her difficulties. I'm sure she will be eager to know your news and maybe if you hold off from telling her she might feel worse if she knows people are feeling sorry for her??

Hope all goes well for you!
Hi mum78,
I was in the reverse of this situation my sister- in- law also fell pregnant (but her's was unplanned) while we were TTC for over a year, plus a miscarriage, I was really hurt and did all the "why her and not me" thinking, but I got over it as soon as I saw her beautiful little baby.

I won't lie it hurt and I cryed a lot but just tell her and then just let her be, don't try and be all extra nice and friendly to her just carry on, it much easier than her pretending she's ok when she not. Good luck! with it all.

2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

HI Mandy

Thanks for being so honest with your response! It is good to hear the perspective of someone that has experienced it first hand.


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Yes, thank you for being real helps to know what he may be thinking and how she may be feeling!

Well, I told her but no big reaction...which I didn't expect! She was interested but I think she also felt a bit down!

Glad it's over and am praying real hard she falls soon so she gets to know what an amazing experience it is!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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