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Second Baby on the Way but only feel depressed Lock Rss

Hi, I have a 9 mth old son and I am 15 wks pregnant with my second child. I have a partner but he only visits us 2 to 3 days per week and lives about 45 minutes from my place so I am left to bring up our son on my own with little support. This is my issue why I am so miserable about being pregnant again because I am scared to death about having to bring up another baby on my own knowing how hard it has been with our son. I have discussed this but says he has to work and does'nt want to live with us.

Does anyone have any advice? I feel totally unattached to this pregnancy but cannot do anything about it now.
Hi Albert,

I am sorry to hear about your situation, its sad when a partner doesn't wnat to be involved with their children. My ex loved his boat and 4WD more than his kids.
As hard as is may be to believe, you might be better off with your partner not living with you. Obviously he doesn't care to much for his son if he spends so much time away from him. Sure they might be happy to see each other when he does visit but your baby son will adjust to not seeing daddy regularlyand to him this will be normal.
Im sorry that bringing up your son has been tough on you, i was with my ex for 6yrs and my son was 21months when we split but from the time my DD was born to the day we split I always felt as though I did it on my own despite the fact he was there all the time. Some men refuse to discuss their problems and I think this is a sign of defence to the fact that their not the perfect male.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and every woman should feel special because it is a miricale to bring another person into the world.

Goodluck with the next few months, let me know how you get on. Take Care
hello there.
it was so sad to hear your story, i think now is the time you need the most love and support from your partner.
Men can be so selfish and mean sometimes, but your doing a wonderful job now and you'll be just fine with baby number two.

If you ever need to talk you can email if you like [email protected]
chin up were women and we can do anything, if all else fails have some chocolate....
bye Dianne

Mother to 2 beautiful kids.

hi albert

i read your post and like you my fiance and i dont live together due to complications (and finances) and i know how you feel. i see him every now and then but i think iam actually starting to prefer being by myself again (my daughters father left me to raise her alone) i know that my fiance is there but it is nice to have my own space again.

it seems funny though that he puts work 1st. y dosnt he want u to move with him to where he works or will he be comin home?

if you want to chat my msn is [email protected]
feel free to add me

keep smiling it not that bad sweetheart

DD may 03, DS oct 06

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