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  5. umm.....excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

umm.....excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

ok heres something my dear hubby said to me the other night wen i was having a bit of a mood swing

now i dont its something you should say to a woman......let alone a freaking hormonal pregnant woman!!!!!

i was having a bitch about everything , yelling and that when DH SAYS " you know you need to really start controlling your hormones and emotions a bit better" ummm excuse me, what
the hell you know i think if us females could actually do that like if it was actually possible we would right!!! OMG!!! I really felt like slapping him!! GRR they have no idea do they?

anyone else here wanna tell me something that ur partner has said which made u wanna scream???

ha ha, they on't get it do they!

My Dh has started snoring for some random reason, and it has been keeping me awake, so I got him some of those 'snore strips'. The first night DH put one on his nose he complained that it was uncomfortable and said I had to wear one too so I could 'see how it felt'. I sat there in bed with a bloody nose strip on (I DON'T SNORE) and my 6 month preg belly sticking out the front and was like 'ummm, you want me to strap a pillow to your tummy so you can see how I sleep every night?

DH rolled his eyes and said 'don't be stupid'.

Matilda Jane, Feb 08 and Charlotte Rose, Dec 09

My hubby says these type of things all the time you just wish you could pass it all onto them and let them feel what its like to be a women (they wouldn't last a day).
lol i cant believe he made u wear a snoring strip!!maybe he should wear a pillow on his stomach just to see how bloody hard it is to sleep at night, men would not last 10 mins of being preg!! my dh is such a sook wen he is sick he will mope round the house sniffling (wen his nose isnt even blocked!) and if i ignore him he will start groaning "oh i feel like shit" and if i don say nething he will say "huh" he could not last with any of these preg symptoms, vericose viens,heartburn,cramps,sore boobs!!! omg u cant live with them n u cant live without them hey!

yesterday morning i woke up at 2.30 having contraction n i put up with it for hours before waking him tolet him know.. after a while all of a sudden a had the worst pain that i instantly started throwing up i told him to take me to hospital and he said no then i told him to call the hospital in the middle of screamin in pain n vomiting he still said no i told him if he doesnt ill call an ambulance so he went to call as we has walking off told me to shut up or do it myself.... GRRRRRRRRR..... if vibrators could mowe the lawns we wouldnt need man lol


Can we keep this post going forever. Because some days i could just smack my partner until I was blue in the face and even then i think he would just assume its my pregnancy hormones.

I've told him so many time how my life has changed already, and he should appreciate that my body is going through changes that i would never have dreamt of before.

I have so much to complain about that is just good to read that others are in the same boat as me...

Thank god for huggies web site.

Keep tell us your stories ladies, it makes us all feel better to know we aren't alone.

By the way, Shanwil, forgot to mention, you should actually strap a sand bag to your hubbys stomach. A pillow is way to light LOL

oh this will be kept up forever cos im sure i will be back on here nearly everyday with something to say bout my dearest hubby and the fact he doesnt have the slightest clue what im going through physically n mentally??

haha omg that was so funny bout the vibrators and mowing lawns i lost it, hubby asked wat i was laughing at and i had to say "oh nothing" lol. i do love him dearly i just wish they had some idea!

Lois, i was looking forward to reading more posts on here this morning.

I love my partner so much, but some days he just doesn't understand what I am going throuhg, and it frustrates me trying to explain it to him.

I am really looking forward to our 12 week scan so he can realise that there is a little tiny baby in my belly, and all of the things ive been going through for the past 3 months are because of it!! hahaha (or am i just wishful thinking that he will understand LOL??)

Honestly i guess how can he understand when really... i don't even know whats happening with my body.

ok has any of you ladies ever had your partner say " i cant imagine what do u do all day?" or "do u just sit around all day?"

yep of course i do darling and the cleaning fairies hang the washing up,do the dishes and what not!!!!!!!!!!! for f**ks sake its hard enough doing anything wen ur preg! all i do is try :'(

yesterday hubby says to me i just sit around all day and the house is never clean anyway cos he was pissed off at me for not putting a freaking vaccum on layby oh my god freakin kill me!!!!!!!! get over it! i feel like just letting the house go then sees wat he says i do absolutly everything around here i even cook tea wen i get home from work at 6:30!!!

he cant even handle looking after our son for an hour, i do it all freakin day along with the house work!!! oh but no no wait "I JUST SIT AROUND ALL DAY, THATS RIGHT!"

sorry to vent but i wish men would take a second to put themselves in our shoes before they even start to complain about the house or something we havent done.what about the things we actually "DO".

I've been with DH (ever notice that Darling Husband and d!@%head have the same initials?) for 15 years, married for 5 and have a 2 year old son and a baby on the way - so how long have we got???

Apart from the
- "I work all day so I just want to relax now" bit (need I mention here that I work 2 days a week, do paperwork for our business from home, do all the housework and look after son?)

- "I hate washing up - have to wash car parts at work" (what 3 times a day every day??)

- "I think you need to see a Dr about depression, you've been so moody since the baby was born" (Hmmm maybe it's because YOU'RE NEVER HERE AND NEVER HELP!!)

- "I SAID I'd do that" (yeah 6 months ago and I've been asking every day since!)

............. like I said how long have we got?

Men - you can't live with them, you can't kill them!

i was commenting on being really tired and having sore boobs n DH told me being pregnant was not a illness im not dying so stop complaining! god he shits me lol
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