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daddy doesnt show any intrest Lock Rss

hi there my name is chrissy 25 yrs
im in such a hard spot my boyfriend shows no intrest in me or our baby thats on the way.

he doesnt come home till after i go to work. i work fri and sat nite at a pub doing security and a servo thru the week due to that he dosent work enuf to support us.

i do love him heaps but he wont tell me where he has been or what he is doing. he also yells at me and im sceared that one day he will loose the plot n hurt me.

do i stay with him for the babies sake or do i let him go.?????? im so confuse im lucky that my mum lives with us she has been great 4 me. i just want his suuport but its not gunna happen.

thanks for lissening to me
Hi Chrissy,

Just curious What dose your mum think of the whole situation ??
I know this sometimes seems imposible but you need to get him to talk, If your scared hes gonna yell, Maby try to talk to him when driving with him in the car that way you know he cant lash out, Or talk to him when you mum is home and make sure she will be there for you if things were to go bad.

But on the other side of things maby hes at the pub with the boys enjoying his MAN time before the baby comes my fiancee did that and like you i was worried he wasent interested in me or the bub, But when bub was born he was there for me as he got all that boys time outa his system.

Dont stress, Boys will be boys but they do come around (well most do)

Shannon WA, DD Tiana 2, No2 EDD 8th May


If you think that one day he may hurt you or the child I believe that it may be best that you leave now befor it ever gets that far. Staying for the sake of the baby, tho nobel (sp?) is not going to make him change. I may sound like a pretentious b*tch but I don't think that raising a child in an busive setting (whether physical, emotional, or verbal) is good for the child or the primary care giver (whether mother or father).

You said that your mother lives with you, is it her house or your house? If it is her house maybe she could help you with the living situation (i.e. asking him to leave if she too has these feelings of danger for you and bub) or if it is his house maybe you and mum can get a house together.

While I amy sound mean, cruel and horrible. I am a stranger to you and am giving you advise, please don't think I am telling you what you should do. I just hopethis helps you in your situation.

little monkeys

HI Chrissy,

I am not going to sit here and tell you to say stay or leave as the decision is yours to make. I believe that your concerns are genuine and definetly should be addressed as when the baby arrives things will be alot tougher financially and especially emotionally. I have a son to a previous relationship and am due to have my second child with my fiance in September and I know what it is like to have relationship issues by all means.

Men are not the greatest communicators. Us woment love to talk and work things out rationally but with men they are such strange creatures at times...we will never understand them and as they never will us. If you and your man can sit down and talk about things without it resulting in an argument I would strongly suggest that and even more I think that as you two don't spend a lot of time together that may also be apart of your concerns. You probably feel that he doesn't care or show interest by his behaviour and the fact that you two don't spend a great deal of time together but deep down he more than likely does care.

I don't know what else to suggest apart from trying to communicate and set aside together time to work through your concerns but I am sure he would want to do this so he can be a family and he can see his child grow up. More often it is miscommunication but in saying that you need to weigh up your options and then after giving it all you have if you do decide that leaving is best then at least you can walk away knowing you have tried with all of your heart and have no regrets.

You need to do what is right for yourself and baby however giving him an opportunity to make this work is a good starting point. I wish you all the best and I know how hard relationships can be at times especially when your pregnant.

Brooke xxx

Brooke, 3yo son n due in Sept

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