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My Best Friend, Advice Needed Lock Rss


My best friend is preg. 10wks BUT......her hubby dosnt want the bubby and she desperatly dose, Their married but he believes that because hes 22 that he is too young to have a kid, I think he' being totally immature about this and wont even consider his wifes views on the situation.
I know i should keep out of the whole situation BUT her and I are defence wives and have moved interstate together (not living together but we live in the same state) She has no one here but me and i hear everything I feel that i have to look after her as im a few years older she is like my little sister.
Her Hubby is such a stubborne selfish person and with everything only Considers himself.
I sooooo frustrated I KNOW its not my decision, But she is such a sweet person and she has caved into his views, BUT when she speaks to me she saids she still wants the baby!!
I know if she go's ahead with his ways she will regret it and it will become a issue in their marrage, SHE knows this but you cant tell him, He wont listen !!!!!

Has any one been in a simlar situation ??

Thank for listening I know its long !!


Shannon WA, DD Tiana 2, No2 EDD 8th May

Hi Shannon,

I am not in a similar situation to you, but I am deeply sympathetic to you and your friend, I wish I could give you some helpful advice, all I can say is continue to be there for her, no matter which path she decides, she's going to need your friendship either way. You sound like such a caring friend, and she is lucky to have you!

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08


My thoughts are he's 22 - he's married and he doesn't want a baby - then maybe he should have used some protection.

He sounds like my other half except we arn't married - i'm 28 (almost) and he's 25 (almost). His words are i'm too young. But that was about 4 weeks ago, and he's done a full 360 and decided that he does want to be part of this childs life.

I'm sorry but if your going to play with the grown ups then take responsibility for your actions. But that's just my opinion...

I'm here for you if you need to vent some more.. smile I hope your friend's husband will come around and realise that it is a wonderful thing.

Kellie, NSW Lucas born on the 16th October

My heart goes out to your friend....if he thinks he's too young to be a dad, then why the hell did he get married?? If you can't make a committment to be a father, you shouldn't be able to make a committment as a husband. Maybe he should have thought about that before he got married. I think that if your friend persists, he will cave in. Once that baby is born he won't regret it.

Best of luck to your friend!

I'm sympathetic to your friend, but glad she has someone like to to support her. My partner also felt he was too young and not ready to have children (mind you, he was 35 at the time I told him I was pregnant), and he also wanted me to terminate the baby. But once she was here he changed totally. As much as I believe that this decision should be made between the two of them, I think that unless he can be civil and consider his wife's position then she should just do what she wants to do (hope no one gets offended by that). If he's only 22 and he thinks he was old enough to get married and have unprotected sex, then he should be old enough to accept the consequences of his actions. And even if this pregnancy was an accident then he should be there and be supportive for his wife. Again, I'm glad that your friend has someone like you to turn to in situations like this. Best of luck.

Sam and Hayley and bub

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