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Jelous sis-in-law? Lock Rss

Hi all,
I'm not sure what to think of this, but my bro's wife has really been acting strange since the birth of our baby daughter (6 months old now)
She has a little girl too who is now almost 3, she's the 1st grand-daughter for our parents. Before i had our bubsi, we really got along well (so i thought) .... now she seems cold towards me.
We had our daughters Christening a few months ago and she sent me an email asking me what everyone gave as a gift... so i told her... my parents put money in bubsi's bank account blah blah... she then asked "how much money did your parents give exactly and how much does she now have in her account"
What kind of a question is that... sorry but thats none of her business. Shes trying to compare what my parents do for our child, to hers. Why does she have to be like that?? And get this... she asked the same thing to my parents, so they told her... to which she replied "well let me see the bank statement"... WHAT THE?!
And she's not as affectionate towards our baby like in the first few weeks. Everyone still gives her daughter the love and attention as before... so why does she have to be like this??
NOw when we see eachother, I dont even want to look at her, this is really eating me up. Out of respect for my broI let it slide
I can't believe that she would expect you to tell her about what your parents gave your daughter for her christening! That is not right for her to ask. I wonder what has made her act towards you and your daughter to think that with such an age gap that she should compare the two. I wonder as her daughter is the first grandd-daughter maybeshe thinks that as your are their daughter that her daughter will not get the same attention that she has and is expectingto recieve?

If I was you I would politely ask why she needs to be so rude towards you andyour child? Also why she wants to compare the two children as no two children are the same? As for your brother I am sure he would n't mind if you asked him if he knew as being her husband surely he has some inclination as to why she isbehaving in such an unuasual way to you.

little monkeys

I agree with Deonne. If you feel pretty easy going with your brother then maybe have a chat to him one day when she isn't around and just ask him if there is something that you have done to offend her. If he doesn't realise whats going on he might have a little word to his wife saying that she should lay off and realise how she is coming across to you.

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