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excited dad Lock Rss

I'am a 26 year old man about to experience fatherhood for the first time.
It's good that mums and mums to b have other mums to talk to.
But what about the DADS????
Why isn't there more DADS on sites like this?????
I'am not the only excited dad am i????

Bathurst Excited DAD 2 Shaye 16/6/06

Hi Dad 2 B


Just thought I would mention that there are a couple of dads/dads to be that float around here so hang in there hopefully one of them will see your message soon!


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hey there DAD 2 B How are you? Well my partner is very excitited to be a daddy. I already have a son to another man and he lives with us and my partner absolutly loves him. He is really excited about becoming a daddy when i have number 2 in september. When is your partner due? Do you know what you are having? Im sure my partner would join but he is at work all the time and comes home and checks his work emails and thats about it. Good luck to you and your new family.


2 little angels,17 months and one on the inside

Hi Dad 2 Be,

Congratulations and its wonderful your so excited.

My husband is 28 and we are expecting our first child and he is also very excited. He dose read the boards occasionally but its usually over my shoulder or when I am discussing with him a post I read.

BUT I have told him about this post and I think he may sign up soon and pop by as I am sure he will enjoy having another expecting dad to talk to.

Our baby is due at the end of Oct, when are you and your wife due?

Penny Cassie - Maddison Abigail born 15th Oct 2006

Hello and congratulations dad 2 be! I must say its great to have a MALE on a site like this. IM afraid in my case ur the most excited father i have ever seen! My partner isn't really excited about having a child but its growing on him. I think they should creat a site like this for father to be though. When is your baby due? Goodluck with it all and remember your partner is going through a lot so support her!
when i told my partner that he was going to be a dad it took him 5mths to get over the shock and that he is going to be a father

and now he is over the moon and getting right in to it he is buying it clothes and that (west coast eagles clothes OF COURSE) but i am glad that he is happy and that he is getting in to it our baby is not even born yet

i agree there should be more for dad's and dad's to be

first time mum

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