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Kids modelling Lock Rss

Hi All,
I joined my daughter up with a Model agency at just 3 months old, she is now alomst 6 months but hasnt had any work as yet. When they met her, my daughter was all smiles and they loved her.
They do say that this is quite common, becasue it obviously depends what the client is looking for at the time.
Does anyone esle have their kdis with model agencies? Have you had much luck? How long before your child got work?
Honestly? Most of the time, it's a waste of your time and money to have your child with an agency. There are literally thousands of kids registered with agencies, and unless your child has something spectacular to offer, being cute just isn't enough. Of course, the agencies won't tell you this, because they want your money.

My son has been in a few TV commercials, but not since he was under 12 months old. And the only reason that happened is because I work for a production company, and most of our clients would prefer to pay someone they know for the job, rather than pay the exorbitant fees that agencies request for their talent.

Personally, I would never recommend someone sign their child up with a talent agency, but of course, if you can afford the fees then there's no harm in it at all. You just have to be realistic, that there's a chance your child may never get any work at all....

I don't mean to shoot down what you have done, but all comments are from my own experience dealing with some of these agencies.

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I haven't had any experience with baby modelling or anything, but I think that all parents are biased and they all think their children are beautiful. I'm not doubting that your daughter is a cutie or anything, but its hard to see how other ppl perceive your children. Keep going with the modelling though...the clients may not need your daughter at this time..... Her time will come. Best of luck!!

Hi there, my 5 year old has been in a modeling agency for the past 2 years. It has not been up until about now with his age that he has received alot of auditions. However now since he has started school I am not prepared for him to skip days at school to attend auditions that may not lead anywhere.
Also sit back and ask yourself is this for the child or yourself?
When I have taken Jack along to these auditions you can tell that some of the children just don't want to be there and you should hear how some of the mothers talk to their children. You can tell with these ones it definately not for the children!
I also agree with previous comments, some agencies say what they can to get money off people, so if you choose to put your little one in, investigate and ensure that you are getting what you pay for.
Good Luck and let us know how it goes!
my daughter is 2 and a half and has had 2 paid jobs modelling without being attatched to an agency, the first one was with coles myer and the second being with a photographic company to advertise their work.
My nephew was 11 and did the cover of suncorps brochures but i think in the end its more important who you know, everybodies babies are beautiful you dont need an agency to tell you this.
If you really want your baby to do modelling maybe scout some jobs yourself take them to as many auditions and casting calls as you can. hope this helps, Dakota

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Im wondering if you can point me in the direction of who/where to contact or look for possible modelling jobs available without an agent? I've heard that's possible and more successful if u do the research and keep an eye out but Dont know where to start or how to go about finding them. any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. smile
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