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I am 32 weeks pregnant and have had sex twice since conceiving. Admittedly I have been very sick throughout a lot of my pregnancy and haven't really felt like it anyway.

However, my husband is also not asking and when I offer it, he finds a reason not to have sex. I finally got him to admit that he feels strange having sex with me with a baby growing inside me (this is our first) and kind of sees me as the mother of his child at the moment and nothing else.

He assures me that things will go back to normal once the baby is born however I am aware that I will be tired and maybe not as available as he thinks. Is this a common problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I am missing the intimacy of sex!

Pregnant with first child


I wouldn't worry to much about it.. sometimes i feel abit weird having sex because i know that there is a baby growing inside of me and sometimes i do feel abit wrong for doing it.. but those feeling are perfectly normal. Maybe you guys could try other things than having sex i've read some great things on the website about sensual massages you could talk to your husband about being intimate in other ways and what he feels comfortable with

I hope this helps smile

All the best and take care

Ds 17/10/06

I wouldn't worry about it. My husband was the same. As soon as the baby was born his desire to have sex was back to normal. After the birth, you might be tired, but I'm sure you will work it out. Remember, while the intimacy of sex is special, there are other ways that the two of you can enjoy being intimate and together without sex if needed.

Hello smile

Its pretty normal I think, so dont worry about it. Some guys just go a bit wacky around pregnant women and he obvisouly cares a lot about you and the baby so try not to stress too much. After you have the bub you might not feel like having sex again straight away, but after a while you will.
Hmm i know this might sound a bit grosse lol but if he doesn't actually want to have sex with you maybe you should buy a vibrator that he can use on you? I'm serious, its a good alternative. Kisses and cuddles are good as well though and he can't begrudge those to you now, I think its compulsory for guys to give their partner all the hugs and kisses they deserve when they are pregnant.

Hope that helped

Bec xo
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