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hi to all i am new here and want to share my problem i am a mum of 4 kids i have had alot of up's and downs and have been through a pregnancy loss last year and have had alot of health problems since then i am 2mths pregnant atm and i am really haveing a hard time with the harsh comments that are comming from friends around us they seem to be very negative with comments like you have enough kids running around and have even mentioned about terminating the pregnancy which i don't want it's really starting to depress me alot and any advise would be helpful
Hey there

Firstly CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy:)

To me they don't sound like very good friends. If you want another child that is completely up to you. They have no right to be saying harsh things like that. I have been through the loss of two babys and also suffer from health problems and i feel blessed to be pregnant again but also very frightened. I have had a few negative peole around me and the first thing i did was get rid of them. We don't need people around us who are going to bring us down. I hope that you have some true friends out there who will support you im still trying to find mine lol

Well i hope all goes well for you and you tell all those nasty people where to go smile

Take care>

Ds 17/10/06

Hello smile Thats horrible to hear people are treating you like that, it isn't anyone else's business if you want another child and how dare they even think about suggesting the idea of you terminating your child!
If possible stay away from these people, I mean if you call these people your friends what are your enemies like?
Try to stay as stress free as possible, so you have a happy and healthy bubby.
I still can't beleive ur friends suggested termination! Just dont listen to them, its your baby and you want it so keep it, dont listen to hossible people like that.
Take care

Bec xo
hi, it is of course up to u .if u want more children than its quite ok, dont listen to anybody but your heart. i have 2 kids, and recently had a termination , we all have different lives and have to make different decisions some are hard. life is hard, i hope everything goes ok. goodluck lady.
Congratulations firsty and foremost
I too have had comments like that and am a mother of 4 kids and another due in august and finally told my grandma who was the main contributor of all those comments and today she didnt even say a word that was nasty .I think how rde they r for commenting and the fact we want a larger family then obviously they had is what annoys them or maybe they r jealous.

So i have decided that i am happy about this pregnancy to hell what everyone else things if they dont like the fact i am having my 5th keep their mouth shut.

please keep intouch
and let me know how u r going

5 kids now

Hi There,
I am expecting our 7th child so you can imagine the comments we are hearing.

I have no idea why people would be so mean and hurtful....They are not the ones who have to look after them or feed them, support them or even babysit them from time to time.
I am not the type of person to say anything but boy would I love to...

All I can say is that you have to either ignore those people or tell them that it is none of their business.
It is very hard for some people to understand why us women want so many children but it is up to us and no one else.

I am sorry you are going through this but are the lucky one to have all those children!!

Good on you for having a big family!!!
Take care

No 7 due 5th Oct
Hi missy,

Congratulations on ALL YOUR CHILDREN its wonderful.

I don't know were people get the idea that 2.5 kids is a big enough family and everyone should be happy with that, When generations ago it wasn't uncommon for families to have 6 or more children.

Doing my family tree I discovered a few members and generations who had like 10 kids each.

I understand people being upset when they see SOME (not you) some families having children for the sake of it and not looking after them or doing it for the extra $$ from center link. Its sad but unfortunately does happen.

But it is obvious this is something you want for the joy of having a child so try your best not to dwell on anyone negative let them deal with the karma that will even them out. Enjoy your family and the joy of being a mother again.

and congratulations again I hope this pregnancy goes well for you and that your family is blessed with another lovely member.

Its great to see big families making a come back.

Penny Cassie - Maddison Abigail born 15th Oct 2006


Tell all those negative people to just get stuffed, they are selfish and don't really have your happiness in mind. It is hard enough being pregnant with out all the crap to go with it so tell them to support you or get lost.

Hi Missyc

Congrats on being blessed with having another little one. I will most definetly have to agree with every one else, bugger any one that can't be happy for you, they are not real friend if they can't see what a miracle each child brings.

I am 27 weeks pregant with my first, but once i told my so called good friend of many years the first thing she said to me was now who am i going to party with. As you can image i don't go out of my way to spend anytime with her, she will be the one that is going to miss out.

I actually come from a family of 5 sister & 1 brother. 2 of my sister has six children each, i couldn't image there lives without all there children, instead of being negative they should offer you a medal. I have a total of 20 nieces & nephews will more to come i'm sure.

Good on you, all the best for the future.

Thanks sarah

Sarah, WA due 27th Aug 06

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