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I cant stop snapping!! Rss

heeelp!! i'm usually a happy cheerfull person whos very close to her boyfriend (of 5 yrs) but lately in the last month or so i've been easilly driven to tears like if someone presumes and asks if im in a bad mood i go nutts and bawl my eyes out!! i never yell at my partner and lately hes been thinking its him i'm P##d off and he keeps trying to fix me ive even started taking my frustrations out on my dog i love them both soooo much i hate hurting them both how can i explain to him it isnt him im frustrated at in fact i dont even know what my problem is maybe its part of being pregnant hmmm??? oh god here come the waterworks!!! byez xx

cherie,mum to Jacob born oct 2004

Hi icemaiden,

The waterworks are normal. Is this your first? I'm thinking that maybe you are just nervous about having a baby- it's not unusual. The labour is drawing nearer so that thought would not be helping your situation.

You need to stop everytime you feel a bad mood coming on and to remember to 'warn yourself' of the 'attack' that may be coming on. If you are mentally prepared then you might be able to calm yourself down.

Sit your partner down and tell him you are sorry about the way you have been behaving lately. If you are nervous about the pregnancy- let him know. That way, if you do snap, he might stop and realise why and just let it go.

Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy and your impending birth. Try to relax, it'll all work out.



hi guys

I got all excited cos i thought the post was called I can't stop SHOPPING (and I though Hurrah someone like me)

and then it hit me man bennett woke up for lots of feeds last night so much so we ended up having him in bed with us - hence the sleep deprivation and hence the bad eyesdite smile

I can't offer any suggestions except explain to your partner that you are VERY hormonal and be sure to warn him that once the bubs arrives and the sleep deprivation kicks in you will be way worse smile

Love steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I thought it said "I can't stop snacking!". We need to open our eyes more. I just wanted to say that it is great that you are aware of the problem of being a bit moody. At least you can acknowledge that it is moods and know that it is, I think, heightened by pregnancy. I would try to get some time out for yourself before baby comes. I used to find a long walk would give me time to 'regroup' and refresh. Like was mentioned by Super, talk to your Hubby about it and try to make him understand that it is only a hormonal thing. Are you anxious about the baby/birth etc? Any anxiety about the baby could be bringing up some feelings like you describe. Try to talk it over with your midwife or a friend - even your partner. It is a huge life change, starting a family, or even extending one, so you are bound to feel lots of different emotions. Like Steph said, once the babe is born, all sorts of other emotions kick in! I'm sure lots of cuddly, positive ones will make up for the bad ones. Enjoy your pregnancy and all the best.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

I agree with the other ladies on letting your partner know that its probably hormonal, I have had a few patches throughout my pregnancy where I have had a short fuse & my hubby was offended & actually came out & told me that it sounded like I was taking something out on him by my tone of voice, I just straight out told him I was sorry and I didnt mean to take anything out on him and that I thought it was my hormones, so if I did it again to tell me or ignore it - and he's pretty good by just nicely saying some thing like "please dont use that tone of voice" so I know that I've done it. When I get home he quite often asks how am I today, hows bubs etc, probably trying to see how I am as well as getting involved. I find when I'm a bit tired or stressed that its worse too.

I also have a dog - a 6mth old puppy & have the odd yell at her & feel awful afterwards, I just try to pay her some attention but its pretty frustrating trying to train her not to tear up the house, lick, bite etc when you want it stopped for when bubs arrives! I know straight away if I have been too hard when punishing, but I leave it a short while before going to her & giving her some attention so she is not confused by my actions.
All the best for the your last weeks!

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

Stephanie and Nyrrek,

You guys cracked me up, especially since i can't stop shopping or snacking!

True Stephanie, it does get worse after bubs arrives- but it's only for so long.



yeah super only till they go off to uni smile

Trust me once bubs starts to get settled and life is smooth sailing whammo lets start teething

Love Steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

hey all
i have the same problem. through out my whole pregnancy(and im only 26weeks) i have been a total b***h.where i live im really isolated too and i spend all day at home with just the cat(and computer) for company. my partner is really understanding and runs me a nice bath when i start seeing red or if i randomly start crying(i did at the supermarket the other night because i couldnt bend down to reach something) or he will give me a massage.
i told my midwife and she said that when i start to go mad just to relax-take a walk, count to ten and things like that.

natasha jayde - 1-1-05 ttc #2 end ong this year

Hi icemaiden... I assure you, you are not alone with thses problems of pregnancy. I'm afraid when your hormones are soaring around your body at light speed, theres not a lot you can do!! - I am having the same problem -crying at the drop of a hat.
My poor fiance doesnt know what to do once I start crying. He whimpers out "was it me?" - which most of the time...its not.....(poor fellas!)
All I can suggest is taking your boyfriend along to the next doctors appointment. Ask the doctor about the mood swings, and when the doctor tells you that "its all part of pregnancy, and theres not a lot you can do to stop it" - He will hear it straight from the doctor, and know its not him.
Good luck with everything.

Cindy due 26th December 04

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