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young mums and telling your parents Lock Rss


I currently around 7 weeks. Im 23 so not very young but i still live at home.

my partner left about 4 weeks ago, and on very bad terms with my parents. my mum and dad dont want to have anything to do with him.

im dreading telling them about this baby but i know i have to bite the bullet and do it.

i was just wondering what happened with other young mums out there told there parents they were pregnant?



Kellie~ DS Rylan Jonathon 24/12/06 Ezekiel Arthur

well firstly congrats and good luck with everything. I was 18 when i found out and lived with my partner for 18months. I told my parents about bub and they were a bit shocked but they said that i was there daughter and were there to help in any way. I'm sure your parents will be the same. My ex partner didnt want bub so i left at 10weeks and moved home. Best thing i ever did. He stills sees her now opnce a week, sorry getting side tracked. Back to telling mum and dad, I wanted to tell them in person but DD father was too scared to i called them and told them still wish it was face to face. If i were you i'd probably just get them when they are both together (maybe watching tv or something) and just say that you have something to say and straight out tell them but also say that you'd love it if they could help support you emotionally and I'm sure they will be fine and in a few weeks start to become very excited grandparents to be. Also mention to them that you know they dont like bubs dad much but you'd like it if they could still be civil with him for yours and bubs sake. If you like to ask anything or just have a chat my email is [email protected] Good luck let me know how you go


Hi Kellie

Congratulations chicky on the bubby smile

I'm 22 and I was living away from my parents with my boyfriend when i found out i was pregnant so I had to ring them up. I sent my dad an sms saying that I had something important i needed to tell him. I was 6 weeks pregnant when i found out and I told my parents two days later, i mean better to get it over with right. I was worried what their reaction would be because they didn't like the fact that i was living with my boyfriend and i think they liked to think I was still a virgin, they are very religious and old fashioned.

Anyway so my dad rang me the night after i sent the message and I said you might like to sit down, and he guessed it straight away, he sounded a little sad and then asked me if my boyfriend was going to marry me, i said no and there was this deathly silence - it was worse than actually telling them I was pregnant I think. Anyway dad said for me to take it easy and then we hung up. he told my mum for me and she wouldn't call me for a few days. She told me that when she first found out she was shocked, angry and very hurt but then realised she was going to become a grandmother and even though it wasn't how she wanted me to end up pregnant (she would have liked me to live with them, meet my man, get married and then have kids) i was her daughter and she was going to have a beautiful grandchild.

Since then i've moved back in with my parents cos partner issues are a bit parents hate my babie's dad cos of the way he was treating me but they love me and my unborn baby and support me whole heartedly.

I hope your parents understand how much you will need them right now, no one can say how they will react, but the thing is you're going to have a baby and will show soon. its better to tell them now then later and have them think you've been keeping it from them.

Take care and goodluck

bec xo
well congratulations i hope everything goes well for you.

i was 16 when i fell pregys with my daughter so telling my parents was pretty tough.

I told my mum a few weeks b4 i found out for sure, that i was late and that i thought i could be pregnant, so when i told her it didnt come as such a shock.

My parents are no longer together and my dad lived in a different town i didnt talk to him much and saw him maybe twice a year.. so i had to call and tell him after a few umm's and a lot of procrastinating i told him and all he said was "oh so your one of them now are you" (who/what them are im still unsure)

I didnt hear anything from him for a few months after that. then one day i got a call and then another and another.. my dad loves kaitlynn so much and has really stepped up for me and my family,it must have been huge shock for him but im really glad he started the calls and we wouldnt have it any other way. we have even moved to the town hes in to be closer.

So it may seem hard and maybe they will say things they dont mean but give them some time to let it sink in and you could be surprised at how much they will be there for you... you are their daughter and they love you.

jerilee (kaitlynn will turn 2yrs in under 20days) xo

Jerilee , Kaitlynn 3, Joshua 28.10- 6.12.06

hey kellie,

congrats on being pregnant!

i'm 21 and pregnant with my first bub and don't live at home. i havn't lived with my mum since i was 13 and havn't live with my dad since i was 7. (my parents are divorced). when i was 16 i fell pregnant to the guy i was with at the time who both my mum and dad didn't like. i was really scared to tell them coz i didn't have much of a relationship with either of them and thought they would just use this as an excuse to start another arguement. so i told my nan and she helped me tell my mum who was shocked of course but then she was really good about it. mum told my dad who was a bit cranky and didn't talk to me 4 a while. that didn't really worry me that much. i was sort of used to it. anywayz not long after that i had a m/c and i was really glad i told my mum coz she helped me as much as she could. good old dad said that it was the best thing to happen coz i was young and with a d**khead and it would of stuffed my life up! Thanx dad!
anyways these days i still don't have a very good relationship with my parents but i reckon it's as good as it's gonna get. when i fell pregnant this time i told my mum straight away and she was so happy about it! but i was still really scared about telling my dad. i didn't tell my dad till i was 20wks when i finally got the courage up to make the phone call. and he really surprised me! he was shocked but congradulated us and asked all the questions u normally ask when u find out some1 is pregnant. he told me he's gonna come vivit us soon and will give us some money to buy stuff 4 bub! i was really surprised but happy with his reaction!
so anyway, i reckon u should just tell your parents. you never know, they might surprise you!
good luck and let us know what happens

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I was 17 when I got pregnant with my first, and was so afraid of telling my parents.

I was more scared of what my dad would say(he was a grumpy old bugger who only cared about his cars), so I told him first. He didn't really say much - I knew he was upset, but he said he'll be happy with whatever I decided to do.

When mum found out, she was devistated because she expected so much from me. After a few weeks, she was excited and I was shocked by how supportive she was.

By the time our baby was born, my parents had completely changed - my dad smiled for the first time in years, and my mum was proud of me for having such a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

Your parents will love you no matter what you do, and it will be easier for you to break the news sooner than later.

Good luck with it, and let us know how you go!

Mum to Madi & Jake

Hi Kelly,

I'm a young mum as well i'm only 18 i'm now about 15 weeks pregnant i told my mum when i was about 7weeks, And it's the most scariest thing you could ever do but in the end you need your parents at the end of day. After the shock had gone they started to get really excited and couldn't wait till the 12week mark to know that i was safe. But its all for a good cause bringing another life into the world i think it the beautifulist thing anyone could do smile

Good Luck Kelly
Hi Kellie,

I'm 21 years old and I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant (will be 22 when the baby comes...)
I've been with my fiance for 4 years, we live with my mother and brother and we all get along really well.

In spite of this, my mum has always said things like "If you were to fall pregnant I would kick you out of home, you'd be out of here and on the street, I'd disown you..." and horrible things like that so when I found out that I was pregnant (despite how happy I was) I was absolutey petrified of telling my mum.

Turns out my mum and I were the only ones at home when I first discovered that I was pregnant and I was so shocked and excited that I didnt even think- I just went straight to her and blurted it out.

Admittedly, her inital reaction was pretty negative. She started freaking out and saying things like "how could you do this to me? My life is ruined...." and turned it all on to herself! I ended up yelling at her and telling her to grow up and stop being so selfish. She still spent the next few days sulking over it, but just a week later she was over the moon! She wants to come along to all my doctors appointments, she even starts crying when we're walking around the shopping centres looking at baby clothes cos she's so excited!!!

I realise that my situation is very different to yours, but I'm sure your parents will come around eventually and that they will support you through this.

Hope it all works out...

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

First of all congratulations on the great baby news. I just turned 18 last month and i am due on august 9th! My parents took me being pregnant really well! My mum was really excited and i was to scared to tell my dad but when i did he was like its a great thing don't be upset! I hope your parents take it as well as mine did! GOODLUCK!
Hi kellie

Im currently 17 weeks pregnant and i turn 19 on june 1st so i thought the age would definately be something my dad would be upset about.. My mum lives overseas in the philippines and i never had a good relationship with her so i wasnt as worried about telling her.. Me and my boyfriend both live at home with my dad and sister and we've been together for quite a while..

I was always scared that my dad would freak out at me and kick both me and my boyfriend out of the house but i guess i was just over-exaggerating...
Anyways it turned out that i personally didnt have to tell my dad and he found out from a letter from the ultrasound clinic that i got that day while i was working... he called me and asked me what it was for and asked if i was pregnant.. at the time i was only 6 weeks..
he was totally cool about it so thank god for that..
he said that he was expecting it to happen seeing as me n my boyfriend had been together a while..

anyways... i hope everything goes well when you tell them...
everything should be fine.. take care and if anyone would like to talk my msn is [email protected]

Casey, Nsw

Hi Kellie,

I was 24 and had been married for just over 2 years when I was pregnant. I wasn't living at home but was still a bit scared of what my parents would say. I always thought they would like us to save more money before starting a family.... but when I told them... my mum was ecstatic about being a grandma and my dad (not very openly emotional) was also happy (so my mum told me later).

We have struggled financially as I am a SAHM but my parents have been so helpful and they absolutely adore their grandson. Brayden also loves them especially his grandad.

I still think there are some relatives of ours (on both sides) that think we started a family too young and perhaps we should have travelled... become more financially stable... but I think we did what was best for us and I wouldn't trade my bubs in for anything!!! We may not be as well off or well travelled but we are saving that up for later on in our lives!

Best of luck with telling your parents & your pregnancy.

Bye for now.

Hi Kellie,

Congrats on the pregnancy.

I was 18 and had been living with my boyfriend for about a year and a half when I first fell pregnant. We were both so excited we didn't hesitate to tell my mum, his parents and anyone and everyone we were close too. Unfortunately we lost our baby sometime just before my birthday, but we didn't know it until the 12wk scan.

I'm now 19 and married to my then boyfriend. I'm nearly past the 12th week. This time around we've just told our immediate family (we tried to hold out as long as possible) and some close friends have guessed "Why isn't Sam drinking or smoking?" kind of thing, to minimise upset if anything was to go wrong.

For both pregnancies our parents have taken it really well and been happy for us, although this time around there were comments like "weren't you going to wait till you finished uni?". I haven't been able to tell my father about either of the pregnancies, or the fact that we're married...I've only seen him a few times in the last year after not knowing him since I was 5. So I don't think he really has the right to know. But I know the longer I don't tell him the harder it will get, and I've since broken off all contact with him as I don't feel I can be honest with him.

So anyway, like a few of the other girls have said, if possible it's always the best policy to let your parents know as soon as only gets harder with time.

Goodluck smile

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