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young mums and telling your parents Rss

well first of all its your life your body and i think your old enough to do what u think is right. i found out i was pregnant with my first child at 18 and the way i told my parents was the hardest thing i had to do but i rang my mum from the doctors a day after i found out and i asked her to tell my dad and that was hard. my dad didnt talk to me for 3 months after he found out that was hard for me because i was always close to my dad and he knew that was the only way to hurt me and it did but either way you look at it it is up to you what do and how u do it it may be hard at first but that is your baby growing inside you no one knows what that feels like but you. so congrats on the news and you will know when your ready to tell them and remind them your not a child anymore and it is your life they may not like it but they will get over it trust me the day you have this baby it will all change as my dad said to me never blame the baby every thing happens for a reason . i hope that helps a little ever need to talk my email address is im on most days so i will always talk

qld mother of 4yr zac 2yr landon and baby noah

hi i was 16 when i found out i was pregnant i told my mum frist and she was shocked but kinda ok with it and i told my dad and his frist reaction and thing he said was 'im reading the paper' i was a little scared but now i can look back and laugh about what he said he didnt talk to me for a week then he started to again i think they earlier u tell them is the better and to not be tellin everyone befor your parents cause if they found out there the last to no it would make it harder for them to get used to the idea if u get me. My son is now 3 and my parents couldnt ask for a better grandson than him life with out him would not be the same.


natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

Hi Kellie

Im 20 yrs old and 34 weeks pregnant... I fell preg less than a month after turning 20.

I was petrified to tell my arents, especially my step mum. but i figured they'll find out anyway ( my tummy is so big now that it wouldve been impossible to try and hide it!) so the sooner it was over and done with the less it would be playing on my mind.

my parents seemed better than i expected... Dad asked "why?" (better than 'how?' i suppose!) but i guess he was just shocked. Any my step mum was a lil shocked but supportive.

Your parents will be shocked of course, but they'll come round. Im still waiting for my partners mum to accept it but she's getting there slowly... the hardest thing for her is that her son is all grown up now and going to be a daddy. Your parents will prob be the same, but trust me they'll get used to it... its happening whether they like it or hate it and they know that so they'll come round, or they might even have a different reaction than you think!

Good luck ad congratulations on Bub!

when i got prego i rang my parents to tell them that i was prego but i told my mum first because i know she would take it as a suprise abut all so a shock and she pasted the news on to my dad my dad didnting me for a week but he did call me to talk to me so that was good he was mad at me that i didnt tell him myself but he was also happy that he was geting a grandchild. who would take your news easly your mum or dad
Hello My names bek, I'm 25 weeks pregnant and 17 yrs old. I fell pregnant early last yr but misscarried at 8 weeks. when i told my mum i was pregnant she was a little shocked at first more concerned than anything, i guess she didnt have much choice in the matter!!. When i lost my first i was so empty and lost that i wanted to try again. This time my mum wasnt as surprised and just told me to to be shore it was what my partner and i both want. My mum had her first at 18 she she no's what its like. Ur mum will probly just be concerned for u and ur baby i no my mum was.

Bekkyboo and TJ2

my mum was very supportive, a lot of shok but supportive.
my dad was in HUGEEE shok haha was quite funny now i look back at it. as he goes " OH Godddd !" and put his head in his hands. hahah.
but now they are great. i have moved back home after splitting up with the father, and tho its annoying at times, they are a great help and very supportive. they haven't judged at all.

give ur parents time to let it sink in. if u say it with confidence and tell them that you don't want any judgement or that u don't want them to try and presuade u into anything then u'll be fine. be mature about it and confident. i think thats the best way. reasuring them that u have thought long and hard about it. etc etc

gluk and congradulationsss !!!!

Danni, WA,


I was 23 as well when I became pregnant and was so scared to tell my parents. Although it was a planned pregnancy they were strong believers in marriage first and although I was engaged and planned to get married within a couple of years they are very old fashioned. I had previously mentioned it to them a year prior but they disapproved so I dropped the subject. They didn't actually believe me when I told them and after checking if it was intentional there was a long awkward silence. I always believed I was born to be a Mum and it was the happiest moment for me & didn't want them to put a damper on things. Thinking it didn't go too bad as we drove out the driveway I saw my Mum turn to Dad with raised eyebrows and that look of "Oh boy what has she done". I cried the whole way home despite knowing that would probably happen.

As soon as I started to show them my ultrasounds they became the proudest and most supportive parents I never knew was possible. Instantly we became closer and kepts in contact every couple of days and they are still amazing. When I think about it they have never approved of anything I have done but they always learn to accept it and never think any less of me & so long as I am happy that's all that matters.

Hopefully if they aren't ok initially as soon as your belly grows the focus won't be on you anymore but what's in you. As scary as it is, just keep in mind that no one can resist a baby, especially grandparents. My Dad apparently never took care of me whatsoever but he makes the biggest fuss out of anyone and is so proud. Babies have amazing power over people.

Good luck! If you want to chat or just need to vent please do so -

Nikki, baby girl ''''''''''''''''06, baby boy ''''


I'm 21 years old and when I found out I was pregnant, I'd been married for 3 months and I have always wanted kids. Yet telling dad still seemed like an impossible task. I knew I could tell mum, because she'd be happy for us (or at least act like she was happy for us and support us). So I rang mum the day after I found out and told her to come see me at work and I told her there that I was pregnant. I told mum to tell dad that I was pregnant for me (yes, they are still together), but she told me that I'd have to tell him myself and that he would be happy for me. So that night, when I knew mum would be home from work, I went up to tell dad the news. (Hubby and I don't live with them, we have our own place)
Well, I wasn't sure how I was going to say it, so I just blurted out "Dad, I'm pregnant". His reply "Well, that was a pretty stupid thing to do wasn't it?".
(Just to let you know, I've been with my husband since I was 16, so it's not like it was a whirl wind marriage or anything)
I stormed off and bawled my eyes out (naturally). It took father dearest a couple of weeks to actually say congratulations to hubby and I. So, they DO get over it eventually.
What I'm getting at is, I'm sure they will support you, even if it takes them awhile to let the news sink in.
hi Kellie,
I would say that yous hould try and tell them sooner rather than later they'll apreciate it more.

When I was pregnant with my first baby (Lilly, 4) I told my parents when I was 10 weeks. My parents had split up so I told them seperately. My mum was supportive but my dad was more mad. Because I was only 20 he said that I was throwing my life away.

He had nothing to do with me during my pregnancy, but when I showed him the baby he pretty much forgave me.

It will be harder for you to tell them as they don't like the father, but just be honest with them, if you want to get back with the father then do it whether or not your parents approve and if you want nothing to do with the father then I recon yiour parents will stand by you and try and help.

Hope it goes well. lol


Lilly,6/ Paige,14mnths & my angel Maddy-SIDS

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