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It's BROKEN! Lock Rss

Ok so I know this may be bit personal for some, but I really need to ask about how long it takes to resume having sex after stitches. It has been 12 weeks now after the birth, I had a minor tear and was stitched, it seems to have healed properly (according to the OB) but it still hurts when we try to have sex, and even when I just gently try to stretch the area (this is what the OB suggested to do) it hurts. It's really upsetting me. And will it ever be pain-free, the way it used to be???
So if anyone doesn't mind sharing their experience, how long did it take for you?

my ob cut my perenium right through and it took about 6 months for sex to feel right again.
I gave birth 19 months ago, had 2nd degree tear needing stitches. for the first 12 months after my scar constantly hurt during sex but I learnt to ignore the pain. Still 19 months later it hurts every now and then during sex so we just take it easy or change positions. this really seems to help =)

You guys are lucky! I havent given birth before and Ive always found sex really painful (its a stupid condition I have).
I've no idea how I fell pregnant, LOL.

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