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is this normal? Lock Rss

hey all,
just wondering if it is normal to get a little bit more than usual discharge. i'm 23wks preg. it couldnt b fluid could it? sorry if thats a dumb q, its my first bub n im a lil bit worried thats all...
any help much appreciated... xxx

isaac 19 9 06 elijah 3 6 08 girl 24 1 10

it is completely normal. this is my second pregnancy and with both i have had more discharge than usual. sometimes it is quite runny, sometimes more sticky. i use pantyliners to keep me fresh and dry. if you have a constant flow of watery, sweet smelling fluid, check with your midwife/dr as this could be waters leaking.

mel, ella jasmine 13/06/04 & benjamin tyler 6/8/06

I am also 23 weeks pregnant and have experienced the same thing, i was worried also but after talking to friends was told this is quite normal.
This is also my first pregnancy and i have been worried about small things, which is driving me batty!!!!!
hope to talk soon
kell xo

mum of 2under2

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