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Crazy Mum to be Lock Rss

Hello, I'm going stir crazy! My emotions seem to be running everywhere and I don't know how to stop taking it out on my partner! sad Has anyone any suggestions? My partner is handling it extremely well, I can't help but feel so bad, then angry then bad, then angry!!!! HELP!!
sounds abit like me afew weeks ago, except my partner would just yell back at me, then i'd b sad aswell as angry nd feeling bad. lol. find something that really relaxs you, i found that helped me abit. and i found writing how i felt(kinda like a diary) really helped aswell.
Hello all....

I dont think my emotions are running wild yet but all in due time i bet!! this is my 2nd baby, and i think im doing much better this time round... but i agree with sarah
With my first (kaitlynn) i wrote things down like how i was feeling and it made things much better (well most the time) ill be doing the same with this one

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Amen sing it sister,

Your so not the only one in this boat.

I like you am also lucky that hubby takes it well in fact the cheeky bugger just looks at me when I am in a rant or spurt and says "my poor hormonal baby"

For some darn reason I cant help but laugh or smile as I know he is right I am being hormonal I just cant stop it.

So perhaps your hubby needs to have a diversion give him some signs that say


and just get him to hold them up at you when you start, maybe that will work........may also get him killed but it may work lol.

But although I am being funny about it, it is important for you to vent no matter how out of left field it seems and your lucky he is taking it well.

Perhaps in a time when your not having a swing take that time to thank him and to explain to him what your going through you may be surprised that he understands and it will make you feel better just to express it.

Hope this helps and at least makes you smile a little. BUT your not alone not in the least I am convinced pregnancy brings out the dragon in us all.

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