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When will he get to feel it ? Rss


After a little advice - Im 20 weeks preg with my second ( I know that means that I should know this but she is 5 years of age - seems so long ago)

Anyway - Ive been feeling bubba move for about 4/5 weeks now and just wondering when others, as in my DP, will get to expereince the same thing? I think he thinks Im crazy - I keep telling him that the baby is moving and kicking and he has yet to feel it ... Surely it cant be far off now right?

Cheers in advance


If he cant feel it yet i say it woudlnt be to much longer til he can...
also depends on your placenta position...if its at the front he may not feel it at all
I didn't even feel mine move until 24weeks. I have been told you often feel the 2nd one sooner than the first as your brain retains the memory so it is longer gap between you and your feeling it

Shouldn't be too far off at all smile DH didn't feel DS until about 24 weeks & with this bub he felt him at 19weeks! But the placenta is at the back for this pregnancy, whereas for DS it was at the front, so I think that had a lot to do with it. Oh & I was feeling DS1 from 18weeks, so it was a good 6 weeks later until DH could feel him smile HTH

DH first felt DS1 kicking on Christmas Eve night, I was about 5 1/2 months pregnant.

also depends on your placenta position...if its at the front he may not feel it at all

Had 20 weeks ultrasound yesterday and placenta is on the left hand side !!

It shouldnt be long now. I'm also 20weeks with number 2 and DH felt the first movements in bed a couple of days ago. I was out of it and in the morning he said bubs was kicking him in the back, but if he put his hand on my tum when shes kicking she stops. I think his hand feels to heavy maybe.

Hopefully he will feel it soon!!
It shouldnt be too far away.....I felt this one first move 2wks ago today, and cpl of days after feeling it myself, i had my hands on my belly and felt it its heaps strong and i can feel it heaps on my hands but everytime DP tries to feel it, it wont kick.....

HAHAHAHAA ohhhh ok so its normal that my daughter will kick like crazy for me, but when daddy puts his hand there she stops????? My husband was convinced his daughter didnt like him very much hahahaha he isnt serious of course. I do wonder though whether they know a mother's touch and all others feel foreign?
definitely not the only one....

i dont think DP thinks im telling the truth when i say i can feel it kicking.....

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