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warm/hot relaxing bath??? Lock Rss


I am missing my relaxing bath, as I was told you can only have a bath for 5-10 mins. I am 36 and half weeks pregnant and would really like a long relaxing bath... my back and front is sore and the weight between my legs on my lower region is quite painful after a long day. So I was wondering is it ok to have a bath for 30 mins or so or will it harm my baby???


Emma, WA (Madyson Paige Elizabeth Born 9/6/06)

Hi Emma,
With my first pregnancy I had lots of long baths. I used to study and read in the bath. I just made sure the bath was not hot enough to make my skin red. It didn't harm DS, in fact I think he is calmer and he love water.
The reason books tell you not to have baths is if it is too hot it can send you into labour. The old wives tale of not having baths is they thought the water could get inside and cause infection.
I hope this helps. Happy Bathing.....

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

I am 15 weeks along and I have been having baths since before knowing I was pregnant.

I am careful to try and not make them too hot........which is hard as I LOVE HOT SHOWERS AND BATHS.

But like the above comment I don't think it will hurt you just be careful not to have it too hot or use lavender ( I believe it can cause you to go into labor too).

And I doubt it would be harmful or other wise woman wouldn't have water births and they wouldn't put you in a shower or bath while in labor to ease the pain.

just be careful not to hot and when getting in and out maybe get your partner to help with the in and out part just to be safe.

Penny Cassie - Maddison Abigail born 15th Oct 2006

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