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Whats your opinion?????? Lock Rss

Hey girls

I just want to know what you guys think of this smile

My partner has a little boy from a previous relationship, soon after they broke up she came back saying she was pregnant (suprise suprise) anyway ever since my partner and i got together she tried to break us up and made it very difficult for us to see his son. You wouldn;t believe half the stuff she did... so we decided to go through the lawyers but then later we found out that we just couldn't afford a big custody battle. After that she decided to let us see him but when one then doesn't go her way she takes it all back. He pays child support and she demanded more money!!!! We have not seen his son since christmas and it hurts and we do miss him heaps but we are sick of the fighting. We have decided to wait until he is a bit older. Anyway to cut a long story short we have found out all of my partners other family members have been seeing them behind our backs! To us that is not very fair at all.. Why do they get to see him and we are not allowed. We also find it very hurtfu7l that they could let this hurtful women into there house.. they don't even like her.. they say its about my partners son but they haven't even helped us see him... Im sorry this is long and i hope this makes sense any suggestions would be much appreciated.. Thankyou smile

Ds 17/10/06

Well it sounds like this woman has some issues of letting go! Is she really pregnant to your partner or was it all a big story? Maybe you and your partner should ask her to sit down and talk all three of you together about this mess with a counsellor or someone you trust who doesnt take sides. I understand that you might be sick of fighting with her- Im sick of fighting with my ex as well, but maybe she needs to understand that you are not fighting for her- but the child in question. Perhaps telling her that this isnt about her and her ex but about the child and she should grow up! Sitting down and talking about it all like adults might help her to understand the current situation. I duno if i have said the right things but i hope it gives you some ideas. Good Luck

Baby Due Soonish

Hi Kamryn

What she is doing is wrong, your partner should be allowed to see his son, but maybe she is doing this because she is scared? She might be worried that she will have her child taken from her, or maybe she has built up anger issues? i know a few single mums or mums-to-be and one of their main fears is that their ex and the ex's new partner will try to take their child from them and the way this woman is acting could be a sort of self defence.
Whatever the reason its not fair on you or your partner what she is doing and its not going to sort itself out until you three can get together and talk, but then that might not happen if the mum isn't willing to.
I hope you can sort things out though, good luck

bec xo
if you like to talk add me to msn because i know someon like your partner ex wife
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