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best partner ever Lock Rss

you hear alot about ppl and there partners not being suportive or understanding pregnancy
im sorry but i have to glot i have the most amazing df ever he has been so exited from the start about bub2 he dosnt like missing any appointments or scans and hes always rubing my belli . i feel so blest to have meet him i feel like the luckest women alive
he understand how tired i get at the end of the day after chasing our 2yr old and he helps out so much.cleans cook he dus so much for me
i just have to say thank god i have him in my life

anyone else have a partner how understands and helps u out ??
if so come brag with me


Add my DH to the list! He was super excited during my pregnancy and used to always rub my back and feet when I get tired. He also never missed a scan or doctor's appointment. He grew up in a family where men don't use the kitchen (unfortunatly), so he's never cooked or did anything in the kitchen. However, when I had DD thru c-section, he FULLY took care of the kitchen for the first month, and wouldn't even let me do a thing! I was SOOO proud of him and couldn't believe it to be honest! Now when he gets back home from work he looks after DD until I prepare dinner and all, even puts her to sleep on her cranky nights! I love him soooo much <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> He's the best husband EVER! <span class="emoticon grin">grin</span> I'm soo grateful I have him in my life, couldn't ask for a better husband <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Its good to hear there are good men out there,

My hubby is amazing to, i had really bad morning sickness at the beginning of my pregnancy and my family (mum, dad, nan & grandad) came over from england to visit for a month and he took them to all the tourist attractions and kept them entertained whilst i curled up in bed feeling sorry for myself. he also did the cooked, cleaning, did all the shopping as i couldnt even walk into a supermarket with out wanting to be sick.

Hes been super assume and he is even coming to antinatal classes even tho we wont get home till 9:30/10am and he gets up at 4:30am. smile xx
Yah it's good to see a positive post about your other half for a change. I to have a wonderful dh , yes at times he can annoy me ect but i do the same to him, the one thing i will always say about him is how is an amazing father and would do anything for our children. He get excited about every chance i might be pregnant and tries hard to make all appts and scans but due to demands in work not always possible but the effort is there. I love my dh so much and would die without him , our children also mean the world to both of us so we always make time for them and for us and we compromise about 'me' time with family time and work ect. It;s just great to see a positive post about the dp,df and dh's in our lives grin
same here , mines perfect, couldnt ask for any better.
Add mine to the list. Our DS has just turned 1 and am currently (roughly) 4 weeks pregnant with #2. We both do the same job, which is a very full on and demanding (physically) job. I get to stop it and go on light duties once I get my blood results back on Thursday. He has been crook as a dog with "man-flu" haha but has been getting up early morning to feed DS and will take care of him so I can sleep. Or when I'm working late nights, like tonight, I won't get home til 6:30 this morning, he'll wake up and look after our boy so I can go to bed, then he'll be at work all day and come home and look after the boy again.
... And it's not just because I'm pregnant. He does this always. We are having his Mum live with us for a bit til she finds a new place and she does most of the housework (she insists) but DP makes dinner and cleans up and really takes care of our son. I can't believe how lucky I am. tongue
Add my dp 2 the list.. His not perfect but he's pretty good our dd his world she is 15 months which I love and we have 1 on the way.. I wouldn't change a thing smile
we are all very lucky ladies smile

I too have to brag about my DH. I don't think I could have found and married a more perfect partner for me. He is so proactive about doing things around the house & garden, offers to vacuum and mop for me when I have backache, makes me tea in bed on weekends, lately as I am bigger now he kicks me out of the kitchen so he can cook and wont let me wash up afterwards. After reading our pregnancy book the other day he took me out to buy lollies/muesli bars/bottles of water/apple juice etc for me to have during labour. He's just so considerate and understanding it makes me want to cry sometimes! laugh
Mine too! smile He's such a gentle and considerate man. He's just spent half the day today doing housework as he's off work also moving heavy items around for me as I'm in total nesting mode (lol, everything has to be just so).
He shares the cooking and other householdy things and in general treats me like a princess.
I fell asleep on the lounge the other night and woke to a foot rub...
ahh, domestic bliss
I am so grateful!
Me too! First time father and he's been so supportive and helpful, he's really looking after me smile I love him so much and couldn't do this without him. He has held my hand at the blood tests, kept me positive because he knows I'm a worry wart and is constantly talking to my tummy and is excited about the future. He really is amazing and so understanding smile

My man is pretty awesome too- It's great to hear that so many of us have great partners! I'm 6 months pregnant with our second child, with an 4yr old boy. If there's house work I want him to do (yes, I have to be specific, even write a list) he does it, he'll rub my belly, give me foot massages if I need them. He'll encourage me to take a rest when I need one and take care of everything. But best of all, he puts up with my major mood swings/pregnant lady moments- he doesn't take it personally and often ends up turning my tears/crazy lady ranting into smiles.
Couldn't wish for a better hubby, or father for my boys!! smile
My DH is great too! He has been so helpful and supportive during our whole relationship, but especially so since we had DD and now that I am having #2, I haven't had to lift a finger!! He is wonderful and I feel so blessed that he is in my life, let alone my best friend and Hubby!!

The best part is, he does everything with love and understanding and knows how much I appreciate everything he does for me and DD and soon to be DS.

I know how extremely lucky I am to have such a wonderful DH and I'm so glad to hear that there are others out there who have found their soulmates too!
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